Suri Cruise EATS CAKE

OMG, Katie Holmes lets cute baby Suri Cruise eat cake in New York City. Photo Credit: Fame Pictures. More little Suri under!

  • toriiiiijonass


  • underdawg

    y is she on here becuz she’s eating cake? man i swear that cutie is more famous than katie

  • cutie

    what a cute baby!

  • hailie

    katie and suri freak me out. they treat her like shes an adult. its a weird family.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so adorable ! :D

  • lex

    she is too cute.

  • Anabel

    aw shes so cute:]

  • Lindsay

    … Thats pie oceanup.

  • mrs.nickjonas

    aww shuch a little sweetheart!
    but eww katie holmes needs to get a whole new makeover

  • mrs.nickjonas

    aww she is such a cutie what a sweetheart<3 but katie looks…eww

  • Anonymous

    shes fucking adorable.

  • Anonymous

    she USED to be so cute.

    not anymore. i dont think.

  • aww

    she is thr cutest thing ever

  • Aly

    aw, she’s so cute, she’s such a cute baby.
    ^^ visit

  • (:

    haha, that guy in the gray jacket was in the other post about suri too :D

  • Anonymous

    PIE not cake. this has been everywhere

  • soo cute but…

    umm shes a little kid! I can’t believe people as in the media, are acting as if she is an adult!

  • she isn’t as cute as she was…i don’t really like her haircut. just my opinion though!!


  • hum

    her old haircut was definately cuter!
    she the second most cute baby on the scene
    the first is definately VIOLET AFFLECK

  • mileycyruslover

    she’s so adorable!

  • den

    Yeah Violet is real cute, but Suri is adorable too.

  • idc

    Who cares?

  • Morgan

    oceanUP, stop trying to be like Perez Hilton.
    You’ll never have the success he has,
    and no one really cares about suri cruise eating cake.

  • Anonymous

    that dress is ugly. this isn’t the 90s anymore, Katie. don’t dress your baby like you’re still in Dawson’s Creek.

  • rihanna flier

    suri is cute but what is she wearing and katie is absolutely weird and looks awful

  • kate

    WHAT??? a baby eating cake????? this is big news…. call 911! AHHHHH. seriously oceanup… no one cares

  • emma

    i know right, lmao!

  • Hannah

    OMG! they let her eat cake! what bad parents. Give me a break, no one cares Oceanup.

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute,
    but I can just see her in the future,
    all spoiled uppp.
    I hope she stays innocent (yeah right)


    shes so ugly.

  • Anonymous

    it’s pie not cake haha. a little slow on the news, but she’s still so cute.


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  • koniqua

    no one wants to see a little girl! ocean up is not for like 4 year olds or whatever

  • Miki

    omg. so cute.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me OceanUP? Suri Cruise is adorable but first you want people to judge a 2 year old now you make it sound like it’s bad that she’s eating sweets? OMG, cause you know a 2 year old has to watch her figure!! Oh please..

  • Anonymous


    look at her nail polish lol ..

  • Kristen

    shes such a cute baby!!!

  • http://htp:// Laurenn

    wow, its a crime, a little girl having sweet sugar cake?

  • Anonymous

    so all little kids eat cake!!!!
    and i can really admitt i think shes ugly!!

  • Maddie

    Whoa! Cake! That’s crazy! It’s just cake people I don’t think it’s anything special

  • :]

    Se’s one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen! Oh my gosh, she’s adorable.

  • homez hater

    awww! ugh that baby dresses cuter than i do!

  • jonaslover8035

    i do agree that they treat her like an adult. i personally think that she is a spoiled little girl. i’m an only child but my mom tries to keep me on the ground

  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable but what’s up with all the Suri posts lately?

  • Shelbsterrr

    Oceanup, no offense but she is like 4 or something. I dont care if Suri Cruise is eating cake or not. Im surprised her wacko parents even let her out in public. ;)

  • Anonymous

    i believe that is pie not cake. Hahah

    shes sooo cute

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES!?!?!??!?!

  • Anonymous


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