Taylor Momsen BIKINI POSER

Do YOU think this picture of Taylor Momsen posing seductively in a bikini like Miley Cyrus always does is real? If so, hopefully she doesn’t have a sexy picture leak soon!

  • tessa

    is that really her??
    it doesnt look like her at all

  • http://jm janette

    Ithink that i am more sexy then u

  • Shfee2a

    Ok see we are models too so what the fu*k we have great bodys then her and and me and my friend modeled in so many fashion shows and we are only 15 but when u look at us we’er like 20 so we kick @$$…

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Every teenager takes dumb photos like this you know like to personal to show other people other then your best friends,never to be spoken about,never to be erased!!
    Has everyone else been living under a rock or are you all just pre-teens ??

  • rosie

    omg, i love her, how is that a miley cyrus..shes just in a bikini top and shorts, haha

  • Anonymous

    That is really Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    Eh. She never claimed to be a role model.

  • noni

    i hope not ii really like talor shes really pretty an that kisss on gg was crazy but ii dont think shes like hdat in real life.

  • heather

    OMFG THATS NOT BAD!! neither is miley!!

  • liivvv

    i like taylor
    but seriously…how is that seductive?

  • mr. x

    it’s just a harmless pic she took…

  • TNguurrrrl

    I LOVE HER :)

  • Anonymous

    that picture is old her hair her face her boobs have changed she was like 14 there still as sexy as all hell dont get me wrong im jacking off as i type there i go done cum bye