Jamie Lynn Shopping Without Baby

Svelte new mom Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted grocery shopping in Kentwood, Mississippi without baby Maddie Lynn.
Is Casey taking care of her?
Credit: INF Photo. Full size under!

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  • Sara

    this is retarded aight?

    Like she would just leave her baby alone in her house.

    that’s effn stupid!

    she prolly just left her [baby] with mom or boyfriend. That’s lame!

    She has to get a break sometime!

    She messed up but I still <33 her! She’s just not HATE-ABLE. xD

  • riu

    she has become quite thin

  • Anonymous

    who ever posts this shit is full of it… like who cares

  • jennaxo

    who ever posts this shit is full of it.. i mean who cares

  • Anonymous

    she looks so stressed.
    i feel sad for her.. getting pregnant at a young age :/

  • Anonymous

    ahhahhaha you’re hilarious

  • Kristen

    she looks pretty good considering she just had a baby

  • anonymous

    wow oceanup you truly are a fucking dumbass.
    OBVIOUSLY she just left it home with casey of her mom or whoever. like seriously stop giving her shit, she had a baby at a young age obviously she left it with someone. this site is always giving people shit and im fucking sick of it

  • Aj

    ksdlkasjflkd, that is classic!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what if shes shopping without her baby? man ur so mean.. u say it like: see everyone, she ISNT CARING OF THE BABY.. u know.. she has the right to go out w/out the baby girl..

  • haha

    no oceanup
    she left the baby home unattended so a socail worker could come and take her.

    stop being suck a dumbfuck


    LmAo I know oceanup is pretty much as smart as a group of drunk chimpanzees, but i like that they fill us in.

  • i.love.jonas

    BAHAHA! now justin gaston gonna steal the baby to get famous!!! LMAO!
    thats too true! and he’s probably gonna borrow it’s clothes too, seen as he wears the freakiest too-small trousers, and tops thats show his ugly hairy stomach

  • Anonymous

    i cant beleive u ppl are being so stupid!!! just because she left the baby at home, doesnt mean she left it alone or that she is a bad mother!!!!! so stop hatin on her!!!!!

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    OH MY GOD!! She left her baby at home so she could do some grocery shopping,quick someone call CNN!!

    God the girl made a mistake,and she done what was right for her and thats all what matters and now she seems happy with her little girl,she wants to raise her child out of the public eye so can at least ONE gossip blog back off !!

  • Sara.

    she left her baby at home to die or get taken.


    Jamie’s a great mom!

    oceanUP doesn’t get the latest info and I’m assuming they don’t get the right info. They can’t know EVERYTHING. :)

  • Anonymous

    i dont care where she left her baby anyway!!!??? but u still shouldnt be all up in her personal buissiness!!!! ecuse her for not wanting her baby to be famous at like 1 year old!!!!!!! so stop trying to say shes a bad mom!!!!! OMG she left her baby at home……call the cops!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    u ppl are acting like i really care where she left her baby???!!!

  • Roxy

    I still luv jamie-lynn shes amazing i hope she’ll get back into acting shes so young still

  • Crystal


  • amber


  • CrYstAl


  • alex

    no oceanup
    she left the baby home unattended so a socail worker could come and take her.

    stop being suck a dumbfuck

  • queenie

    looks like she has on no makeup ..

  • Anonymous

    i cant people just leave her alone

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha i still love her, even though she messed up (:

  • http://marj_smiles marj



    Kentwood is in LOUISIANA

  • marj


  • lindsay

    i just can’t get over how she’s my age.
    while i and most seventeen year olds are going to school she’s running around taking care of her baby and grocery shopping.. crazy stuff!

  • Anonymous

    NO! now justin gaston is going to steal her baby and try to date it to make him famous!

  • ksdlkasjflkd

    uhh. kentwoods in louisiana.

  • Krystal

    Awe. She is super gorgeous. Love her.

    Hope everything with the baby is going good.


  • Anonymous

    Baby’s name is Maddie Briann

  • sav

    It’s Maddie Briann and Kentwood, Louisiana! Dumbass! If you’re gonna talk crap, try to at least sound smart!

  • Sammie

    Big whoop! She shopped without her baby!!! OMG Now what’s the world gonna go!!!! WOW ppl …Wow

  • Anonymous

    this comment is correct!
    you shouldnt be a nosy computer :)
    she can just leave her baby for once?
    its like you dont know if she has a mom?

  • crazy girl

    i don’t know why Jamie had a baby

    SHE’S 2 YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!

  • XbXhjg

    UyQEchv XbXhjg

  • snowymeg

    she had a baby omg

  • Anonymous

    Wow I can’t believe that Jamie Lynn has had a baby…I hope she gets back to acting soon…

  • Luke

    I am sure she will get back in to acting soon as we can see she is already leaving her new born to go shopping…

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