Jonas Brother Christmas Day Parade

Jonas Brothers taped the ABC Christmas Day Parade at Disneyland in Anaheim on Saturday morning! Laura said, ‘They did many takes and at one point the fireworks caught something backstage on fire..

So Joe said ‘I’m Hot’ and the crowd started singing. So then the boys decided to play Burnin’ Up while they took care of the fire.

It was a good performance and the boys were kind enough to sign tons of autographs at the end. Corbin Bleu was also in the parade and performed [Lip synced] a song.

The parade, which also features Miley Cyrus & Corbin Bleu, will air on Christmas, December 25 at 10 AM on ABC. More pictures under, JustJared also has different ones.

  • felicity

    the boys look happy :) yay that makes me happy too

  • Anonymous

    oh gosh, posers o_o’

    Jonas rock, and Big Rob too :D

  • hey girl hey

    everyone makes mistakes girlfriend. I know what he did is wrong, but we don’t even know the whole story of what went down. You can’t just blame it on Joe because of what Taylor said. We don’t know the whole story.

    – and the fans still like him.

  • 0cantfindname0


  • Yvonne

    WHY, WHY, WHY does all the “hot” comments HAVE to be about Joe? Kevin hardly EVER gets them and that crap. He looked gorgeous here

  • Anonymous

    cool I love them! <3

  • Team Miley and Mandy (aka Selena sucks)


  • hailee Johnson


  • Anonymous


  • Laurl23

    There taping the Christmas Parade so they can show it when Christmas comes, so they can have there own personal Christmas instead of performing. They probably did see Miley cause she was there. I love them they are so sweet and adorable! Without Kevin, Joe, and Nick I would have no clue what I would be doing at this moment.

  • minette


  • Anonymous

    why are they filming soooo early?

  • HAILEe Johnson

    i love the jonas brothers!

  • Anonymous


  • Stephy


  • hannah


  • Anonymous

    You put Kevin on the st pic.YAAAY!!!

  • Anonymous

    lol first??

  • person

    hate them now

  • Anonymous

    im first?? haha

    wow that looks awesome

  • Anonymous

    If I were there when Joe said that, I would have replied “Yes you are” =]

  • Sonia.Loves.JOE.JONAS.

    JOE IS HOT!!

  • danielle

    i got to eat breakfast with nick and walk with him at the jdrf walk in l.a. last saturday morning.
    hes the most amazing guy any girl could want.
    and hes even more amazing in person.
    i love him.

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    haha, anyone wanna tell them that christmas is like 50 days away still? :D

    haha, it SNOWED today in my state. out low was like 20 degrees!!!!

    yah, be jealous!!!!!

  • Jessica


  • chuck norris

    First i think jb is so awesome

  • JonasloveeR!

    everybody look so cutee!!

  • xxminixxalexisxx

    i <3 joe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    they’re so different now..
    I don’t like them anymore.
    they’re losing fans and soon the pop act will be over.


  • Niny

    Yvonne you are my hero!! finally someone who agrees. Kevin is a jonas too, and he looked adorable there<333

  • iluvjb


  • Anonymous

    dont all of them lip sync since they have to tape it over and over?

  • cristy almaguer


  • trainwreck*

    my freaking friends saw them =(…

    ughhhhhhh im so jealous. lol

  • blah

    I LOVE YOU JOBROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ah , so much has changed in a year ! (:

  • Anonymous

    baha theyre taping soo early.
    its gonna look awkward when it comes out on christmas cause where theyre perfroming its so sunny and hot outside lol.

  • blah

    I LOVE YOU JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayee oh.
  • shelbie

    did anyone else notice joe cut his hair

  • katieee!

    yum. [:

  • Sneha

    OMG i love them :)

    Their amazing….

    Im soooo watching this :)


    why hate ? they rock (:


    EVERYONE taped that day . you DO know it isn`t live on christmas day …

  • Anonymous

    i really think they should do it live cuz like knowing that they recorded it before kinda takes away the magic at least for me and awwwww i cant wait til christmas its so happy and like filled with joy and its just all christmasy

  • haha

    no one cares…everyone now hates joe because of what he did to taylor and i never personally liked them but no i hate them even more

  • Anonymous

    Yep. It’s not my favourite of his haircuts, but Joe is so hott that he makes anything look amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Why So Early.
    We Haven’t Even Passed
    Thanksgiving Day Yet.

    Geez Slow Down Just A Bit.
    I Promise You Will Get IT Done

  • Anonymous

    The name Jonas makes me want to throw up.

  • jeanette

    i wish i was there (:

  • Sneha

    Nawww not everyone hates Joe. Some people are aware that hes not a perfect angel and he makes mistakes. Which only make him a teenage guy, let alone a human being.

  • Sneha

    So Joe said ‘I’m Hot’ and the crowd started singing. So then the boys decided to play Burnin’ Up while they took care of the fire.

    That made me crack up. Their so funny. I wish i was there when they did that.


    Ha, very festive shirt, Nick.

  • Yvonne

    NINY—–TY. I’m glad you love him too. I seethe daily any more cause its all about Joe(or Nick) with the fangirls. Without Kevin JB would never have been for girls to fawn over J&N. God, I’m pissed typing this

  • Anonymous

    in the second pic the guy next to corbin’s shirt looks like someone puked on it.

  • Sneha

    Hmm the name Jonas makes my heart beat faster…..

  • Anonymous

    EVERYONE taped that day . you DO know it isn`t live on christmas day …

    baha theres like 20 Anonymous people so i dont know which one youre replying to…

  • Anonymous

    This is way to early to do Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet.

    And i seriously think that the JoBros wouldnt be as famous as they are now with out Miley.

  • Anonymous

    i love christmas so freakin muchhhhhhhh.

  • kate

    i went to this!
    i got to touch joe and get all of their autographs!
    but it was like 90 degrees and everyone was sweating when it was supposed to be “christmas morning.”
    it was amazing and between takes joe came and talked to us. :)
    thank you disneylanddd.
    best day of my life.
    editing the video and we will send it in,
    front row. :)

  • Anonymous

    if everyone filmed it that day didnt they see miley

  • Lexii

    Okay, That is filmed to early Thanksgiving hasn’t even came yet and they already want Christmas.

    && I seriously think that without Miley the Jonas Brothers would not be as famous as they are now.

  • Sneha

    Ok this is like my 5th comment lol.
    But i LOVE their version of Joy to the World.
    The way Nick sais ‘Lord’ is really adorable for some reason….. :)

  • Anonymous

    Joe’s hair looks horrible

  • carly

    i was thereee!it was so awesome. and it wasnt taped like they werent lipsynching! they sounded really good.

  • Anonymous

    ha aw. i swear everytime i watch them perform, those are the boys i know. and that is how i know they have and will never change.