Jonas Brothers Lil Chris Interview

Jonas Brothers talk about their new single Love Bug
and Lil Chris has some questions. Thx hopexza101!

  • Zoe

    omg the interviewer wass so funny when he was talking about respect and he did that hand thing i couldnt stop laughing but he was cute not as hot as the jonas brothers though



    What happened to the hilarious things they used to say in interviews?

    i prefer the old, immature, younger them,
    guess theyve all grown up

  • kim

    The host is kinda cute.

  • Anonymous

    at first i thought it said chris brown then lil wayne n i cant see the video cuz im on my phone so yea

  • mary j

    cute interview.

  • Anonymous

    i really wanna watch the video but i wont be home until like 6 n its 3:26 right now so can someone tell be wat they said or at least the interesting parts

  • amy

    i arrge

  • nickjerryluver

    there bros? i did not know that the JONAS BROTHERS are BROTHERS..crazy huh?

  • Anonymous


  • krista

    first…yeah i said it

  • krista

    first…yeah i said it.

  • krista

    first, and omg i love this interviewww

  • JenJ

    They are too professional now…lil chris’s show is one where your supposed to act like a fool and they were all like mature or whatever…ughh…but on the bright side…i love lil chris and the jonas brothers so them together is pretty sweet!!! haha

  • Anonymous


  • lindsey

    i love lil chris and jonas!

  • Team Miley and Mandy (aka Selena sucks)

    lol i thought it said lil wayne

  • lauren’

    haha they thought phil and rodney were real people :L

  • felicia

    omg. the host is tooflippingcute. :)

    I love his smile.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Joe says twins and looks at Nick. Hmmm…Kevin and Danielle must have been dating at that time

  • Amanda

    Joe seemed a little bit more himself.


    OMG “lil Chris” is so cuuuute (:
    I loooove accents

  • corrine

    they didnt seem to happy to be there !

  • Anonymous


  • Kristen

    haha love them.

  • kellybelly2345

    whos the guy interviewing them?

  • hjjgfdfd

    They so don’t get english humour.
    They wasnt sure when to laughh. xD

  • abby

    that guy shakes hands really weird.

  • Makii

    It was on this Morning and I totallyy forgot, haha.
    Oh well.

  • Makii

    It’s Lil’ Chris.

    A British singer.

    He’s pretty okey.

  • Yvonne

    When was this done? Wow! I’m starting to think Kevin and Danielle have been together for a LONG time.

  • miley FOREVER!!!

    ahhhh that guys accent is soo annoying
    i hate english accents
    they annoy me

    that was a bit boring oh well

  • Natalie

    The host is cute! With his cute little accent.<3