Brooke Shields’ Jonas Brother Dance

  • stephanie Kornfeld

    HAHAHAHAh this is minneeee!

  • Sonia.Loves.JOE.JONAS.

    JOE’S FUCKIN HOT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    who the hell is brooke shields?

  • sukanya


    fyi indians can look good too

    if joe is lookin india………..thst good i love him
    and i m an indian
    beautiful indian
    proud to b indian

    understood………………silly dumbo

  • Sarah

    i love them


    She dances very badly,
    but shes a total MILF lol xx

  • sukanya

    me the first!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    lol. thanks john xD

  • sukanya

    me the first!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Maddie Jo

    is anyone else getting tired of these boys?
    cause i am.

    sell outs
    for sureeeee

  • Nicole

    They’re definitely sell outs, but I still love Joe so it’s a’ight.

  • isa

    wtf? :S

  • isa

    no, actually, not :)

  • katie

    Fir some reason I really want to know who’s joe’s new gf is…

  • Carine

    I’ve been to one of their concert and i was sitting kind of on the same place as this girl but I think a little bit closer to the stage and I was on Nick’s side of the stage :] It was amazing! NEVER gets old! and I’m gonna see them again in NYC :]

  • Tiffanyyy

    weird dancing…but awesome performance! There very talented guys and they are no different from 2006! They are still the best band on the planet!

  • Cyn

    aw shes cute.
    thats my favorite jonas song <33

  • sdfsfd

    That’s pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    is anyone else getting tired of these boys?
    cause i am.

    sell outs
    for sureeeee


    yeah i agree with u i just dont feel like their the same JB i mean like live like ur at the bottom even if ur at the top totaly flew out the window of their 9 million dollar worth of houses, windows. and i no they didnt litterally mean it but still…. and it seems like they have a really big ego all of the sudden because of all these little screaming fan girls. i think they need to take a break and go back to new jersey for a little

  • Anonymous

    who the hell is brooke shields?

    the mom off of hannah montana


    im fed of hearing of the jonas brothers too,
    and they never have anything interesting to say anymore – no humour, just borrrring

    joes hot, but hes starting to look increasingly indian, anyone else think so?
    with the greased down hair ergh

  • drea

    Ha it looks like she was enjoying that concert way more then her kids were

  • Love You Guys

    Joe is so F***IN HOT!!! I thought it was awful cute how he ‘almost’ fell again.

    We love you DJ Danger!!!! Just don’t hurt yourself permanently babe.

  • alex

    haha i was there! really close up too! wooh!