• Anonymous


  • it’s me.

    hmm… I don’t know.
    it’s hard for me to choose, I love them both so much x)
    well, they both look gorgeous :D

  • Jazzyyy

    obviously ashley…. at least her boobs and hair is real

  • frg

    where was that? where ashley wore that dress???
    pls anyone tell me!

  • Vampz

    its hard to see Ashley’s.
    I like Ashley in it better,
    but miley wore that specifically for Hannah Montana and her new look for it so it depends.

  • Anonymous

    it was for an ad.

  • brittany

    miley only looks bad because its for hannah montana and she doesnt have much of an opinion as what to wear. so i say ashley.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Even though I like Miley better, Ashley wore it better x]

  • http://www.bopmag.com kay

    Ashley all the way!

  • Anonymous

    is that for the degree girl ad? but i have seen it and she doesn’t wear this dress!

  • erin

    first? jay kay.

  • NNIE


  • erin

    hate schmilerz.








  • Anonymous


  • AsHa

    Ashley DEFINTILEY wears it better..
    anyway, theres an ad bout this [pretty much old news i guess] in an issue of CG! that i have …
    I hate miley being blonde, she looks weird
    well thats it :P

  • girlleader1

    ash makes it look wayyyy better!!
    its way too revieling for someone miley’s age!
    n the pink shirt with the picnk belt looks taky!!

  • ontheDL

    um… ashley tisdale.

    miley looks like an epic disaster. =/

  • mclookalike

    miley. definitely

  • mzcullen<3

    ashley !
    i dont like the shirt miley put under the dress

  • Caitlin

    How does tisdale wear it better? Mileys outfit was accessorised better!

  • Anonymous

    miley wears that pink glove in like alllll of her hannah outfits

  • kateeeee

    DEFINITELY ashley!!!! sorry miley fans.

  • wow

    miley :)

  • Jonas Sista

    I thought that was Hannah??????

    The girl has too many freaking identitys.

    Ashley wears it better.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/11/miley-cyrus-vs-ashley-tisdale-fashion-faceoff.html vivian

    miley owns ashley not horrible but hannah wears more girly

  • Teresa

    I dunno,Hmm. I think Miley’s was put in more effort. Ashley’s is nothing special so I’d say Miles.

  • jonasbrothers

    ashley. i dont like the pink shirt and belt.

  • teammiley!

    hahaha i love both<3!

  • britt

    I think ashley wears it way better than Miley the stipid shirt under is so takey + the glove and the belt dosent match!

  • Anonymous


  • joez baybie! <3

    ashely!! mily killed da dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paulina

    miley’s wig looks sooo gross and fake

  • Anonymous

    ok so miley wears that pink glove in EVERY hannah outfit!

  • Anonymous

    Neither, the dress is just ugly!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see shittt!

  • oldnews
  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the new hannah wigs gets to me. it’s horrible, i prefer the old wig!!!

  • http://www.joe-jonas.com c u p c a k e . .. lovesJONAS!

    < .b>I prefer Ashley. It just suits her more.

    But for those saying Miley killed the dress (with the pink belt, hand glove etc.) It prob wasn’t her decision to wear it, clearly she has a stylist.. She prob did add like her own touch to it but the acutal dress w/ accesories was probably her stylist’s doing.

  • x

    well, i HATE them both.

    but at least ashley isnt wearing a retarded wig.

    so i vote ashley.

    (my opinion)

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  • Sharp.Ay*

    Ashley is definitely more stylish and womanly;]

  • Anonymous

    ASHLEY! i dont like hannah/miley’s new “80’s look” it doesnt even look 80s its just weird…. so for sure ashley tisdale! :]

  • mojo

    not a fan of the dress but Miley wears it better (and it shows off her nice legs though!)

  • Anonymous

    the old wig was even worse it looked so much faker than this one

  • Jessica

    Miley made it look good with the pinkk,
    but Ashley has the figure for it .
    no hate to either of them.
    they both look awsome.

  • Camila

    I dont like the new Hannahs look

  • Carol

    I like them both.
    but i love much more Miley!

    so i vote miley!

    she’s the best

  • Anonymous

    the old wig was even worse it looked so much faker than this one

    you must be blind. this new wig looks big for her head and the length…seriously it’s hidious but i still heart milez

  • Anonymous

    I dont like the new Hannahs look
    I don’t either…ewww like the yellow clown shoes she wore in the Lily/Jackson love episode….nasty!! OMG! and those hideous shoes with pink socks she wore for the HM movie yuckkkkkk

  • abby jonas

    i love ashley but miley wears it best with the pink belt and t-shirt

  • Anonymous

    miley miley miley…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    none of em !! :P

  • Anonymous


  • vania

    miley es mejor
    y que no la copien