Katelyn Tarver & Lucy Hale HALLOWEEN PARTY

Katelyn Tarver & Lucy Hale celebrating Halloween!

  • emily


  • http://myspace.com/colourshocklyts whoo

    I love Lucy Hale and David Henrie.
    Lavid or Ducy.

  • kris

    is that david they show in the kitchen? and is it just me or do they seem drunk after the parade =\

  • http://myspace.com/colourshocklyts whoo


  • Anonymous

    that’s awesome that they got to hang out again since katelyn was in LA for awhile

    i’ve been a fan of them ever since American Juniors

  • Anonymous

    I heard David !!




  • selena

    lucy is my cousin. i love her! shes so awesome! and i am seriously not lying.

  • Anonymous

    is that david henry recordin

  • lycy hale hater!

    weirdos !!

  • me


  • Janelle

    idk if anyone noticed but is that David…HENRIE

  • Anonymous

    that wasn’t david cause he looks nothing like that and wouldn’t he be in some of the video then?

  • Anonymous

    she looks like selena lol

  • Anonymous

    at 1:30 that is DEFINITELY not david!

    if you click on the youtube video, it will take you to the actual video and you can watch it in high quality and then go to 1:29 or 1:30 and whoever it is is fat and wearing glasses and david isnt either of those:D

  • Anonymous

    omg david henrie and lucy hale are the cutest couple ever, right beside selena gomez and demi lovato. i love them all sfm.

  • selenaaa

    yes that was david. he was there because i stopped by for awhile. lucy is my cousin. i love her! she’s so cool! i have proof!

  • lassy

    at 1:30 thats not him coz we all know david has better abs than that :D

  • Anonymous

    that probably isn’t david at 1:30 cause he has like a six pack and in an interview he said he was gonna go to a concert on halloween

  • it sounded like david in the end of the video when the guy said “shutup!”

  • ilovedavidh!

    Anonymous | November 10, 2008 9:24 PM | Reply

    that probably isn’t david at 1:30 cause he has like a six pack and in an interview he said he was gonna go to a concert on halloween

    I agree with that statement :) we all seen davids 6 pack now hahha thats not him!

  • Anonymous

    it looked like david to me, plus at the end you hear a mom or something yell “david”.. i think.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why celebrities tape themselves. Like they’re always around the camera with work that you’d think they’d be sick of it.

  • Anonymous

    haha was that david that yelled shut up in the end??

    and to the people saying that wasnt david.. i think it was cause towards the end you hear someone call david’s name really quick

  • http://www.myspace.com/SoHoldOn Sarah

    Was that just me or was David there with them?

  • Amanda

    David was standing there
    in the muscle costume or whatever
    thehe i love lucy hale and david <33
    AND he was recording the parts at the end there

    and EITHER:

    1) they were drunk after the parade LOL
    2) they were really REALLY tired.

  • Amanda

    That was david henrie standing there im pretty sure

    and im pretty sure that was him recording the end parts there LOL

  • duh

    the end parts were outtakes. david henrie recorded the whole thing.

  • cherilyn

    Is it me or does that sound like David Henrie at the end yelling shut up? hahahaha

  • stefanie

    YESSS! omg it iss!

  • aww

    That was David Henrie, I can spot my boo a mile away…I think…pretty sure it was him though. Selena’s twin is adorable, love her! Looks like they had a blast.

  • hdjsdhj

    Im not a fan of katelyn she seems nice but I don’t think she’ll ever go anywhere. and yeah thats david!!!

  • anonymous

    hahahahahhaa i love the guy in the end.. SHUTT UPP! lol this video was so funny ;] their super funny nd look lyke they had tons of fun

  • http://oceanup.com ilovetaylorswift

    omg omg thats david henry recording you can hear him say “Shut up!” at the end

  • yaya

    they are totally 80’s love the crimped hair that was funny. and i love the music.

  • Janica

    about 3 min i hear someone calling david…

  • Janica

    david is there recording but he wasn’t the guy who is shirtless because when i stopped it, it doesn’t look like david….

  • Novella

    I knew i had heard david henrie in the video! When he was interviewed right a week before halloween, he said he was going to the Justice concert that night. So I guess they are back on?
    I envy lucy for having such a hot bf. =)

  • Sierra

    I LOVELOVELOVE Katelyn Tarver, shes so nice and really pretty see my pictures with her here http://s341.photobucket.com/albums/o366/Sierramaee/?action=view&current=KatelynTarvermeandLeen.jpg :) Im the one in the black

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