• yeah.

    you ever heard of being NICE?!
    jeez. and vanessa looks WAYY nicer than ashley anyway. At least vanessa is pulling stupid cheesy poses at the camera.
    and dont go calling her naturally ugly either!
    it’s just harsh. you dont even know her! She’s beautiful, everyone is. get over it ;D

  • .

    vanessa said that she was sick in an interview and i read that some fans at the premiere saw her coughing alot on the read carpet, which is why she looks pale ;)

    and omg lmao vanessa isnt naturally ugly, shes SO pretty!



  • chey

    vanessa looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    everyone who talks shit to vanessa, go jack off.
    you know shes hot and ashley?? PLEASE, look at how shes trying to get zac into her. shes not pretty at all. she looks like a transvestite. VANESSA IS BEAUTY.

  • it’s me.

    zac looks so HOT (as always)
    and vanessa and ashley look gorgeous (:
    I love the hsm cast!

  • desirae

    vanessa looks thrilled.

  • Anonymous

    hey, your an old cunt

  • emilie

    vanessa looks absolutely stunning

  • lalalalala

    love love love ashley’s shoes :]]]

    and vanessa looks rele pretty, like totally natural

    and zac just looks beautiful as always :] except a lil sweaty

  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela clarke

    i was there at the premiere and i saw for myself that when i was watching her and zac being interviewed.
    she like lked at zac for like a sec and im like OMFG.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKVWhcqvdXc < < thats how close i was and when ash came over. ashley was all nice to me i gave her my card and she said, “aww thanks” ness smiled at me and gave me an autograph. zac was like near me but i didnt get one cuz he didnt see me :( i was like crying.

  • Abby

    it was alittle bit hot yesterday tho so maybe thats why vanessa looks a bit sick i went to it and got an autograph from Zac and Ashley, they were heasp aweomse

  • http://www.bopmag.com kay

    Vanessa looks mad but love her! Zac=hot. Ashley,LOL! That girl is so funny. And whoever said Vanessaa’s naturally ugly, are you blind?! She gorgoeus also WITHOUT makeup!

  • christal

    well nessa look great but ash her dress look like my curtains lol im serious.. im not sure if she stole it or not lol.. email me at sexygirl1235@yahoo.com

  • megan

    Come to queensland, gossshh lol

    vanessa looks heaps pretty :]

  • Anonymous

    how early did u get there?
    cos im going to the melbourne premiere and i wanna get autographs and stuff

  • Anonymous

    they all look soo pissed off hahahahha

  • Anx2y

    vanessa really pretty
    but she loooks all greasy and weird here

  • daniel

    hey ,, hahaha

    i actually went to the premiere and i went into the movie cuz i got invited !

    it was so funnn !! i got pics with zac efron and i hugged vanessa hudgens and ashley tidale !!!

  • Alyson

    they look tired

  • jess

    They have so many premieres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    like a ton of diff outfits too!
    haha gotta be fun :)
    they all look gorgeous!

  • chelsea

    ashley is the only one that looks happy.

  • lizzz

    Firts? they are so over rated

  • taaalar

    zanessa, they’re so cute<3

  • jerah

    what the heck are they wearing?

  • ashley



  • les

    she looks mad

  • Anonymous

    vanessa looks old and her face is really shinny…. she looks gross

  • =]

    Vanessa Hudgens doesnt look very happy at all…
    and first!
    i think!

  • Brittany

    I LOve Vanessa She is so pretty!!!
    I Wish I was Her

  • Debbie Is A Tokio Fan

    She looks kind of old…

  • Emi

    Nessa looks pissed… Ashley is the only one who wants to look happy and smile

  • dayane

    is she crying?

  • http://www.flickr.com/counciljonas Nikki

    Vanessa, you are not a model. Get over yourself!


  • Anonymous

    why dont they smile? :/

  • Anonymous

    uhh know we know what vanessa will look like when shes older except fatter uhhh gives me nightmares

  • Anonymous

    something seems kind of off with Zac.

  • Kayla

    I love zanessa….so cute!

  • Anonymous

    Heroin Chic doesn’t suit her AT ALL.


  • OreoCookie

    Heroin Chic doesn’t suit her AT ALL.


  • http://google.com OreoCookie

    Heroin Chic doesn’t suit her AT ALL.


  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela clarke

    I went to the premiere and OMG ZAC WAS LKING FINE AS HELL.
    ashley was soo nice to me I gave her a card I made and she was like, “aww thankyou” and Vanessa like smiled at me and she gave me and autograph soo ash and nessa gave me autographs and Zac was like in front of me and I was hanging out my teen vogue mag and omg he didnt even see it :( I mean zac is like the whole world to me also I was watching zac and nessa being interviewed and ness like lk a zac with an angry face im like WTF IS UP WITH HER NOW.

  • Anonymous

    V looks mad as hell. lol and too tan. lol Ash looks goofy. lol


  • GOD

    venessa looks like an old cunt
    unshaven cunt ja

  • brittany

    she doesn’t deserve zac.

  • mac

    personally, i think vanessa is ugly as.
    and i hate her WITH A PASSION
    and zanessa, ew i hate them as a couple
    i think ashley is the only one whose actually greatful for all the fans, well as for vanessa whose an ungrateful person.
    i just dislike her, alot.
    sorry if i affendend anyone, but it says speak your mind
    im speaking mine(:

  • judy

    vanessa looks really tired
    I hope she’s getting enough sleep

  • dlQj87

    is it me or
    Vanessa kind of looks sad
    + ashley is like always close to zac efron

  • mac

    vanessa needs to learn how to smile
    she looks horrible and needs to get over herself
    shes not greatful for anything, shes freaking famous
    and she cant even be happy.
    i hate vanessa, with a passion
    i also think zac deserves better then her.
    so yer, sorry if i hurt anyones feelings
    but i hate vanessa and i like ashley(:
    im just speaking my mind, nothing wrong with that.

  • bibi

    what the hell r they wearing???i think vanessa is pregnant or something she looks ugly…i mean she’s naturaly ugly but doesnt she heard of makeup????sooooooooo pale
    and ashly is beautiful but i gotta say that brown hair doesnt suit her at all i hope she change it

  • x

    whooaa, they look a little tired!
    no offence, but i really dont like ashley here.
    she looks WAYY too cheesy :S
    my opinion, dont get all mad at me!
    vanessa and zac look amazing together!
    those two are so incredible :)

    and to all you haters – STFU and get over yourselves :)

  • nana

    ashley looks so pretty!!!