Blake Lively W Magazine Pictures

Blake Lively featured in the new issue of W magazine! +3.

  • xoxoanna hahha cant believe im writing on here

    how is she pushing her boobs out at all?haha
    but blakes so pretty and lieghton is too; not too sure who is prettier but from what i hear in the books there about the same

  • Julia

    I only really watch for Chuck

  • Anonymous

    I only really watch for Chuck.

  • Shania


  • Cyn

    Ugh im so tired of her! Gossip girl is not all about serena, and blakes big horse head is popping up EVERYWHERE!
    wheres leightons???

  • Lena

    But did they do something with her boobs? xD

  • Keke


  • defe

    shes cute! :)

  • Cyn

    btw shes trying way too hard, shed be much prettier if she stopped scowling and just smiled or let her face relax!

  • retard girrrl

    what’s up with the last picture ?
    it looks…weird. her head and the body

  • futrmrsjoejonas

    always wanted 2 do da t but shes gettin annoyin leightons prettier

  • futrmrsjoejonas

    3rd srry but i always wanted 2 do dat
    im srry but shes gettin annoyin leighton is so much prettier than her and her character in gg is soo boring

  • Swiftsupporter

    er..blake don’t know how to look natural but pose.
    photographers had a hard time I bet.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous

  • retard girrrl

    what’s up with the last picture?
    it looks …weird. her head,and her body.

  • retard girrrl

    yeah, leighton it’s way prettier
    why oceanup doesn’t put news about her?

  • katie


    leighton doesnt do many photo shoots, thats why she is rarely on here.

  • Anonymous

    she seems like she should be really pretty but theres something very off about her…i cant put my figer on it…

    maybe she should get bangs

  • Anonymous

    she so prettttttty

  • Anonymous

    My god, put your boobs away for one!
    I swear, every single episode of Gossip Girl she’s wearing low cut shirts…and now this.

  • Anonymous



  • ashleylb


    and leighton is gorgeous too.

  • gila

    shuuut up!
    shes much prettier than leighton
    leighton is cute thats all

  • Em

    She’s pretty. I love her hair! But I am not a huge fan of Gossip Girls. I think it’s an overrated show. But once again, a lot of shows are overrated (and I like them so whatever ha).

  • MaR

    She doesn’t smile at all. And one one of the pictures it looks like she is trying to show of her boobs.

  • dlQJ87

    I;ve seen better pictures of her…

  • Anonymous


  • Macaaa..! <3

    dam it
    i’m not lesbian but OMFG she’s Hot a pretty

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

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