Cody Linley EMOTIONAL Breakdown

Cody Linley crying on Dr. Drew with Julianne Hough.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    aww i love them both
    they sooo deserve to win

  • Okaythen123

    No offense to anyone, but thaT was cute, but it was sad, but… I dunno weird. He like breaks down.



  • Shania

    HAHAHAH that was gay
    talk about a royal douche
    he lost my vote


    I bet you never got a date before, or actually had feeling for a girl? Am I right? XD

  • emily

    aww that was really cute!
    i love how it shows that he really cares alot about her and that he was genuinly concerned and hoped that she was okay.
    i have never seen this part of cody before, he is usually just goofy and stuff but seeing this side of him makes me love him even more!!
    and i think that julianne really got to see how much he cares for her.
    i still think that they would be a really cute couple. they look good together and seem to have really good chemistry

  • Anonymous

    he’s adorable
    that was sooo sweet!

  • xDeMiNSeLeNax34


  • Katy

    i am in tears.
    im always gonna vote for cody.

  • HEY!

    ok listen people, ok he cried and stuff im a girl so i obvioudly tihnk he is amazingly hot. bu have yu heard the things lately about him? They said he has been asking julian out! and all of that, and then they said he has done some pretty bad things to try to get her to go out. so okay it is cute he did that, but in a way it was bad. *but i still think he is really REALLY hott*

  • Anonymous

    I though it was a joke.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAH that was gay
    talk about a royal douche
    he lost my vote

  • ashleyyyx3

    omg everyones goin ‘awww’ &+ it really is. but im so freakin mean n i hate it that about myself ='[ cuz the first thing i did wen i saw that was lafff lik crazy. ohh but it is really sweet how real it all is. i never really cared for cody before but after seeing this…he has my respect :)

  • massie

    Sexiest thing in life – a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. I hope they win!

  • gabriela

    awwww;tht is so cuteee,
    he’s adorable<3

  • Shania

    Oh my lawd I was about to cry.
    He’s the greatest.

  • ddw

    haha i love himm

  • Anonymous

    omg, aww!
    I love him for not being afraid to cry!! ?

  • izabella

    omg, aww!!
    I love him for not being afraid to cry!! ?

  • bia

    i almost cried

  • aww

    Aww I adore Cody, glad they will be dancing together again next week.

  • Cyn

    thats so cute
    and if someone says hes gay they need to shut it.
    thats so moving, it almost brought me to tears.
    great role model right there <3

  • Anonymous

    aww poor baby! i think he secretly loves her for real. that’d be cute if they got together!

    ILY cody! <3

  • teamDemiand Selena

    I cry every time I watch this! Cody is sooo Amazing! I hope they win! they deserve to soo much! I wanted to break through the TV and give him a big hug! <3

  • ingveldur

    awwhh! i so just cried watching this! Cody is such an amazing person! And I just love Julianne. I really really hope they win!!

  • Anonymous

    wait. is that the guy from the mtv show where the kids talk to their parents about their sex lives???

  • snarf

    HAHAHA – WOW. lame.

  • olivia

    seriously i have goosebumps right now,
    i just can’t believe how real they are and what great role models they honestly are to so many people.
    it’s so good to know that it’s not all fake, that even though they’re famous and have so much money- they really do have emotions and true friendships and i love how he’s not afraid to express it :)
    i hope they win for sure!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was cute.
    I love cody.

  • Abby

    I thought it was VERY cute! awwwww it gets me every time. I loveee a guy who isnt afaid to cry.

  • zachh


  • ashley

    This is SO cute. Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears watching this! haha

  • truth

    It’s great to finally see a class act. Cheers to Cody and Julianne for being amazing role models.

  • Grace

    WOW, I think that was like the first time i’ve ever seen a guy cry that wasn’t 5 years old.

  • selena

    it takes a REAL man to cry

  • Anonymous

    i thought that was hilarious.


  • deanna

    A guy that shows his feelings?
    This is epic.
    Cody is a great person, I will always wish him the best not only with his show but his career and everything else in life.

  • Kate

    a real man cries on public national television
    i Iuv him!

  • jana

    me and my sister were like, about to cry! haha.
    they’re so cute!

  • Anonymous

    Cody Rocks, America gets Cody, we get John Sergent!

  • JenJ

    Gotta love a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. I hope they win!

  • Heatherrrr

    omg, I’m so crying.
    I can’t take it when men cry because they have to be hard all the time and not show their emotions and to see him cry just kills me. “/


  • Anonymous

    i dont understand, was that fake or what?
    why were they randomly on dr. drew

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. I love them and I hope they win!

  • :)

    Awwh, bless him.

  • haha

    No he’s from Hannah Montana smart ass. MTV sucks btw

  • sara

    cody’s had his ups & downs being that he is a life-loving teen and in the end hes a good guy and this proves it/

  • mario

    wow what a douche.

  • cait

    oh my gosh!! im about to cry! woah. seeing guys cry especially is the worst! be strong cody! :'(

  • GOD

    That was so lame and fake wow whatever

  • Anonymous

    awww que amor que es cody!!! hermosoo! :’)

  • ajanfa

    omg thatw as so cute it made me tear up also Cody is scute!!

  • France

    HAHAHAH that cracked me up. its so cheesy but it was cute.

  • Anonymous

    omygosh. coddyyyyy. gah. that was so cute. he really was worried about julianna. aawwww i love you coddyyy

  • yaya

    that was a really sweet bit. i think cody really cares about julianne. you could tell he was upset from the time that julianne had to go into surgery. and it takes a man to not be scared to show his emotions. they bout work so well together. and im so happy to see that julianne is back.

  • Anonymous

    This was adorable and so cute.
    I LOVE a guy who doesn’t feel like he needs to be tough all the time.
    This showed how worried he was about her.
    REAL men cry.

  • Anonymous

    awh :/
    i shed a few tears watching that. i love them & i hope they win.

  • Shania

    wow what a douche.

    LOL@ YOU.

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact that he isn’t afraid to cry
    but i wouldn’t cry on tv :/ i don’t like that kind of stuff

  • jamie

    awwwwwwwwww that wass the cutest thing ive everr seeennn <333 when i was watching that last night, i literally cried! thank goddd he did not go home! i was soo happyy he gets to dance with julianne again!! my god, he is the cutest person everrr (: that was adorable! i love cody sooo muchh! i lovee a man who can show his true feellinggs!


    and EVERYONE DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR CODY NEXT WEEK ON DANCING WITH THE STARS! so we can watch him dance again! i reallyy hopee he winss!! (:

  • aww

    AWWW. Omg that was SO CUTE.

  • Anonymous

    awwww, hes too cute(:

  • Anonymous

    wait. is that the guy from the mtv show where the kids talk to their parents about their sex lives???


    HAHAHAHA yess! he iss! thats hilarious!

  • x x x .i tell it how it is. x x x

    Thats so sweet.
    Guys would say that he’s such a wimp but honestly
    dont all girls like a guy who isnt afraid to share his emotions.

  • Lauren J.

    Ow, Cody is a really nice guy! so cute!
    he seens to be a great person!

  • MAY!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! yea girls LOVE guys who arent afraid show there emotions!!!! hes so sweet and adorable!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ria

    Aww they’re both sweet!

  • Anonymous

    at first when i saw the title
    i was like hmm its probably liek play crying
    but awe hes so real,
    i really really really hope they win!!


    awwww , he`s so cute . i saw this last night , that was sweet (:

  • Anonymous

    omg that was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!
    i officially am in love with cody linely :)
    they better win!
    they both deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAH that was gay
    talk about a royal douche
    he lost my vote


    You’re ‘gay’ if you can’t admit you cry too, dumb ass.
    Go gauge your eyes out with a spoon
    and stop trying to act tough.
    You’re not a robot.

    Anyway, he isn’t being a fake like a lot of stars.
    Aw, he is adorable.
    I want to give him a hug :3

  • kiki




  • tatieJONAS

    awww! he is soo cute! i love sensitive guys! like really, if u think its wimpy, its not! girls LOVE that! well most do! it makes us feel good inside when we see this

  • soulie

    so, honestly? i don’t really care for this kid. And when i saw the head lines saying his emotional breakdown i was thinking “how lame”. But i watched it and i actually cried. Part of the reason might’ve been because i’m on my period (TMI?haha) but overall, it was really sweet how much he cared about her. I give him kudos for this..cause not many people would be willing to just break down and let himself go in front of a camera. I can kinda see what demi lovato saw in him. ha cause before this he was just a annoying kid from hannah montana who was wayyy to pretty to be straight.

  • Anonymous


    …okay now im over it.
    ive seen people cry before.

  • krista

    HAHAHAH that was gay
    talk about a royal douche
    he lost my vote


    you are probably the same person. and if you are a guy, like yea, right you TRY to act all tough, I bet you are just fucking nerd who can’t get a date.


    if u r girl, wow, you really gotta stop trying to be ‘cool’ it just makes u really retarted here. If you think guys crying is um…. ‘gay’ then I wonder what kind of guys u like…

  • lola

    awwww….i was crying! cody and julianne deserves winning…they’re amazing

  • Anonymous

    AwWwWwW!!! They should SOOO be going out!!!

  • joyjoy96

    awwwwwwwww….thats so amazingly sweet….i cant believe that other thing said he was like drinking and stuff….

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