Kristen Stewart Teen Vogue Cover

Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart serenely covered the December issue of Teen Vogue. The vampire lover spoke out on fashion: ‘If I’m just chilling out, then people can see me any which way, but it’s different when you’re putting yourself together to do..

..something professionally. You’re under a lot of scrutiny. It’s a bizarre thing, to me, to consider that what I wear or what I do with my hair, can affect my career.. I’m not the type of person who has a million things in my closet to put together.. I’ve begun to work with a stylist and we’ve started to figure out what I like. Simple, classically pretty things; I love Chanel.’ Source: JustJared.

  • Makii

    I don’t really like her.
    I don’t like her personality and how is she naturally beautiful ?
    She’s not good for the role of Bella =[ I hate that.

    I think she is a bit slutty as well…
    Don’t bash ! I’mm only saying my opinions.

  • Anonymous

    ewwww ugly picture.

    why wouldd they do that???

    i thought it was a guy. :|

  • Yo,


    I hate to say it.

    WTF is Bella & EDWARD ugly!?

    But Jacob/Taylor Lautner is sexyy[;

  • your mom

    well isn’t she the cutest 14 year old boy around!

  • Jasmine

    She has natural beauty :)

  • Jess

    not the best picture of her…

  • Katie

    she looks like a man!

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a man in that picture

  • bridgetjbtwilight

    i think she is amazing
    and yea she is pretty in this picture
    you know some people are flat chested…its not a bad thing rather have that than like huge suckers on my chest…lol

    but i love her in this picture
    she is pretty and cant wait for twilight

    bridget! :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s not a conventional beauty but she’s still pretty in a more unique way.
    it’s cool how she’s confident and lots of personality kinda like ellen page :)

  • Anonymous

    uhm i dont see how she looks like a man?
    she is cute

  • emily

    she’s really not how i imagined bella. bella’s supposed to be clearly beautiful, not unconventionally beautiful. robert pattinson is gorgeous, though.

  • sara

    shes amazing.
    not the best picture
    but i still love her

  • c

    I love her but what a horrible picture to choose for the cover!

  • mel

    thats not a good picture, u cant tell if its a guy or a girl! lol

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    ugh…. i’ve always thought that she looked…. not girly. no offense to her, but i think they could have gotten a better bella…. and a better edward.

    they’re both sorta… not what i pictured them. that’s why i HATE that they came up with a movie for twilight. my images of my characters are GONE forever now. :'(

    thanks a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I loved her in Speak, I had read the book and then watched the movie and I thought she kept the integrity of the book with such talent. She is the type of actress who really gets into the characters mind.

  • Anonymous

    i loved her in all of her other movies, and i can’t wait for Twilight. :D

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s gorgeous.

  • scghrvbyft

    Uhm, flat chested much?

  • Rita

    OMG! before i read who it was..i looked at the picture and im like “woah!… DUDE”
    she sort of does look like a guy without all the make up and stuff. and especially since she doesent show any breast. they should at least edited the picture like in twilight.

  • Mary

    omg i love her so much but i have to admit that she doesnt look very good in this picture


  • Rita

    OmG! i thought it was a DUDE. I looked at the pic first and im like “woah….hot DUDE” She looks alot like a boy without all that make up. they should have Edited like they did in twlight so she would actually look good(and like a girl) and it doesent help that her breast bearly even show.!

  • (:

    That is a hideous picture!
    She’s ugly;;
    I wish they had’nt picked her to play Bella.:/

  • solsdl

    Her voice is manly.
    and now, now she looks manly.
    poor, man.


  • chris

    first baby

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • V

    She’s so weird.

  • bruntijc

    She doesnt look very attractive in this picture.

    But I still love her. =)

  • blair waldorf

    She’s a natural beauty.
    I don’t like the way her hair is in the picture. But she is still gorgeous. She’s got a strange kind of beauty that matches her personality. Hopefully her and Rob will hook up!

  • courtney
  • Anonymous


  • momo

    first? love her

  • Makesure

    The greatest stylish blog ever!

    B.T.W., can’t wait for twilight the movie!
    it’ll be so mazing can’t wait.

  • Rita

    She’s a natural beauty.
    I don’t like the way her hair is in the picture. But she is still gorgeous. She’s got a strange kind of beauty that matches her personality. “Hopefully her and Rob will hook up!”

    Whats up with people want into hook up costars.?

    especially for kristen and Rob. there are gonna be 3 more movies. and if they do hook up and then break up there can be personal issues and there can be trouble such as not finishing the movie series.