Lacey Schwimmer DWTS Hot Or Not

Dancing With The Stars’ Lacey Schwimmer danced around Shaun White’s Snowboarding Video Game Launch Party in Hollywood on Tuesday night. Is voluptuous Lacey HOT or
+2! Photo: Fame Pictures, Juan Rico.

  • oceanUP

    Cute shoes

  • dwtsfan08

    lacey is awesome! here’s her dance with benjy from tuesday night:

  • Anonymous

    it was so you think you can dance ?
    not dancing with the stars
    benji is awsome her broo!

  • Anonymous

    I like her brother, but I don’t like her… I’ve been to a taping of Dancing with the stars and she’s so damn touchy feely with Lance. It’s disgusting! She’s definitely NOT hot

  • niki

    outfit would’ve been better if the top was in black…

  • stephanie

    she looks like reese witherspoon

  • stephanie

    i think she’s really pretty.
    but i hate this new story going around about her and cody.
    i deff don’t think he would do that.
    i think she just wishes he would.

  • Lauren


  • Hannais

    she’s wearinf Jac’s bracelets =DDD

  • moni! <3

    hot. love her! and lance! haha but not as much as cody and julianne :]

  • Jenna Palmer

    she ‘s on dwts now as a pro .

  • alexia

    cute =]

  • Jane

    she WAS on so you think you can dance. but now she is a pro on dancing with the stars. partnered with lance bass

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  • Feist


  • den

    i love lacey! I think she’s awesome, she definately brings something extra to dwts.

  • ahaa =]

    i think her teeth are so perfectttt ;D

  • iuashduidss


  • jess

    1st and ew i dont like it

  • asfasf


  • iuashduidss


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  • Anonymous

    not at all

  • ashleylb

    laceeyyy!! Love her.

    and her brother benji.

  • Anonymous

    shes cute i guess old news tho

  • lindsayyy

    shes gott a jac vanek bracelet onnn <3

  • sarah

    She is awesome!
    She is like the coolest dancer of DWTS!!!
    I like her attitude!

  • lindsayyy

    shesgot a jac vanek bracelet on <3

  • Anonymous

    i don’t even know who is this bitch.

  • Anonymous

    she looks cross-eyed in that last pic. LOL

  • joyjoy96

    omg she was totally on so you think you can dance last season with like neil from american mall

  • haileyy

    people need to stop with the first stuff.
    she does look cross eyed! lol

  • Anonymous

    haha i love her styyle on dwts