Miley Cyrus CMA Awards Stunner


Miley Cyrus pranced down the 2008 CMA Awards red carpet in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night. Interesting dress. Miley presented Song of the Year with her daddy Billy Ray.
Check the video under! Thx MCF.

  • Anonymous

    i hope she hangs herself

  • megan

    not a fan of the dress
    but i looooove miley :)

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    Stunner? Really, oceanUP? I thought she looked hideous, hahah


    it’s called sarcasm sweet pea.

    and that up there is what you call gross, trashy, bitchy, slutty, big mouth, obnoxious, disrespectful, fat faced, pedophile lover… there’s many MANY more i could list but won’t since it’s 11 at night and i should get to bed!!!! :D

  • Did’nt jennifer nettles say she didnt like mileys music on chelsea lately?

    Also just because a dree has a ugly print on it does’nt automaticaly make it “High fashion”
    lol its called junk.

  • hallie

    I like the dress. It is fun and unexpected, though I would NEVER wear it. Most of the other pictures I saw from the CMA’s everyone was wearing simple black, which just seems so boring.

  • Anonymous

    I really loved that dress
    Miley has class, she is very chic
    she always looks gorgeous
    love her

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous, I love her dress (=
    The back is amazing!

  • Hannah

    I like the cut of the dres…juts not the print. And she looks good for her. =)

  • Anonymous

    That is an ugly dress.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    interesting lol

  • Anonymous


  • Makii

    She’s pretty, but that dress is a no-no.
    I think she’s just trying to look a tad mature a bit more.

  • asdk

    gag me, she looks like shit.

  • sarrr


  • Jeniffer

    Love Miley =]

  • Laurl23

    I think she looked real pretty! The dress is so gorgeous and high fashion! I like the way she had her hair also!

    By the way she looks skinner, than what she did a week ago, plus she is tall.

  • =]

    Weird dress but
    I like how she did her hair. =]

  • =]

    Weird dress but
    I like how she did her hair =]

  • Anonymous

    —–thats an ugly dres.

    *response: thats an ugly girl, and she deff looks chinese.

  • 29_29

    That is the ugliest dress i have ever seen!!!

    I am sorry to the Miley fans, but that dress is not stunning!!

    OceanUP, your trying to be nice and saying shes stunning, but she looks UGLY!!!!!!

  • LEXA

    She tries to be older than she is… She should just wear fun cute things that a 15 year old would wear. Like Taylor Swift always looks amazing!! and she wears things an 18 year old girl would wear!

  • socialbutterflies

    We already posted this with more pictures!

  • Anonymous

    i think she looks beautiful, as alwayys,

    keep your head up gorgeous <3

  • it’scalledlove.

    woah, um have you ever heard of high fashion, you trashy abercrombie shoppers…? anyway, she gorgeous as always

    A. Her dress is gorgeous.
    B. Miley’s amazing.
    C. How is she..
    BITCHY: you don’t know her?
    SLUTTY: i don’t know about you but where i’m from she’s FARRRR from that. aha..
    DISRESPECTFUL: oh please. give me an example.
    FAT!?: I think you either need to gain weight or look in the mirror.

    love ya too.

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful. People need to stop being so rude and disrespectful. Seriously, imagine if you did that to someone you personally knew. You would be qualified as a..bitch ?

  • socialbutterflies

    stunning, i have more pictures & those of taylor swift on my blog, click the name to see the pictures!

  • Anonymous

    she looks kinda asian

  • heyoooo

    ugliest dress ever.whoever dressed her, did her hair and make up shoudl be shot.
    it’s disgusting.

  • cara

    seriously, you miley fans think shes a goddess or something.
    i like miley, but this isnt her best loook.

  • blah

    she looks kinda asian


    that is an insult to azn ppl. azn celebs look 100x more beautiful than this!

  • Kay

    OceanUP, I know you’re trying to be nicer to Miley for her fans but, she ain’t stunning. A Miley fan is probably going to reply to me and say “neither are you”1 Ugh.

  • Chelsea

    I dont like this dress |:

  • T

    Ew! Love her. Hate her dress. But her face,hair and shoes look amazing!

  • rosemary cynthia

    she looks young with the makeup and hair like that

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    makeup,hair,and dress.
    sorry but lyke srsly, c’mon!

  • the shuk


  • Anonymous


  • aleeeee

    ewww.her dress is UGLY.blah

  • Anonymous

    she has no boobs

  • Anonymous

    i think the flower on her dress is my computer screen lol idk but its pretty cool
    i like miley :)

  • Anonymous

    she has no boobs
    pfft dude she has boobs
    its just the type of dress shes wearing notice hwo its a halter dress yeah next time think please and thank you

  • Anonymous

    i like that dress :]€€

  • mariaaa

    I actually like how she looks.

    Love you Miley!

  • Tru

    Haterz get off……That dress is not that cute but she still looks Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!Stop hating!

  • Anonymous


  • jenjen

    OMG. She could of worn a table cloth and looked better than that! That dress is a crime!

  • Jane

    yeah that dress is ugly. it enhances nothing on her and makes her boobs look smaller! haha they need to raise the waistline or something. it was just strange looking. plus the back is sooo “easy access”

  • cassidy


  • Anonymous

    miley looked so prettyy

  • Michelle

    ~i <3 HER SHE IS AMAZING!!!~

  • wow

    not soo exited about the dress but i love the way her hair look ! very cute

  • Anonymous

    um… no… bad dress…

  • Trisha

    Miley looks really pretty. But I dislike the dress.

  • Chelsey

    She looks gorgeous:)

  • Viva La Vida

    Stunner? Really, oceanUP? I thought she looked hideous, hahah.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    She always wears weird dresses at the CMAs..
    Like last year too x] Still love her!

    I’m asian and I don’t think it’s an insult when someone says she looks asian on that picture…

  • Anonymous

    woah, um have you ever heard of high fashion, you trashy abercrombie shoppers…? anyway, she gorgeous as always

  • cherielia

    she looks like 40 years old. And that is completely honest. not trying to be a basher or anything.

  • it’s me.

    didn’t really liked the dress, but she looks totally gorgeous !
    hair, make up, everything!
    I love you miley!

  • Anonymous

    i hope she hangs herself

  • it’s me.

    well, now that I watched the video I think that this dress looks really good on miley ;)
    I love you miley!
    you’re gorgeous ;)