• anonymous

    they are so cute 2gether!!!!! and ya they were just fixin the window so the paparazzi woodnt take pics of their frequent make-out sessions.

  • chi

    love them

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  • efronn luverr :]

    firstt?! love them togetherr

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  • Anonymous

    so cute

  • Anonymous

    lol. some boyfriend. watching V get beat up by a kangaroo. they’re so cute together though.

    and yea those pics are def creepy stalkerish.

  • Anonymous


  • hum

    very stalkerish photos
    but goood for us at home wanting to see what they are up to!
    i love vanessa and zac

  • Anonymous

    hummm what else were they doing???

  • jennnnnny*****

    those pics are definately wierd.
    ppl must have just been standing there,
    staring at their window till they showed up.
    those ppl need to get lives XD

  • Jennifer Delong

    ppl must have just been standing under their
    window, waiting for them to show up.
    those ppl need 2 get lives XD

  • http://www.bopmag.com kay

    Wow weird pics. Love them, though.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Lol, I wanna see a kangaroo boxing someone ! haha

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