Debby Ryan Talks Jonas Brothers

Debby Ryan vlog: HEY! Hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween! I’m super excited for fall, how bout you guys?

In this video I’m kinda updating y’all on some stuff that’s happening in my life.

Talking about Build-A-Bears, a plethera of fan mail, agents, and Jonas Brothers.

I don’t have a written blog, I like video blogging and sharing it with those of you who ask what’s been going on
for me! So go ahead and subscribe if ya wanna. I am so
thankful for you guys;

I support you guys so much for all you’ve supported me in!

I love you all. Subscribe, leave a comment or two, and send more questions. I love answering them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Cami

    I don’t think she seems that much like Selena.. my friend said that she did too though.
    Selena’s my rolemodel. =]

  • manu

    i love debbyy shes the sweetest girl ever!

  • Prudence

    she freaking looks exactly like selena gomez!

  • Briannaa

    Great personalityy. (:

    && how can i send Debby mail..?
    like the hole pile of mail she had, already had.
    lol. well i really enjoyed watching this video.


  • teammiley!

    haha debby is best!<3
    i hate selena!

  • layyla

    who is emma

  • Kelly

    She talks exactly like selena . :X

  • Karissa

    She does talk like selena
    lol she reminds me of selena

  • Anonymous

    SHES SELENA WITH BLONDE HAIR (like someone already said)


  • Me

    Aw, She is so sweet (:

  • ashleyjonas

    omj wtj she looks like selena and talks exactly like her omj she can be her sister.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. She is Selena with Blonde hair lol! They’re like TWINS!

  • Hennessey

    Omg she sounds like selena gomez …..that is sooo weird! but she seems nice i guess :)
    N-E-WAYZ shout out 2 SELENA she is like the besttesstt and i luv WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE

  • Anonymous

    whose the rachel girl?

  • Livvy

    she’s so cute (:
    The most down to earth person in disney right now :D

  • katie

    she is soooooo sweet (:
    at first i was like ‘another disney star’
    but she has worked so hard. =]

  • Irene

    she’s like demi and selena put together x]

  • Dee

    wow! shes a disney star i actually like. hahah.
    dont get me wrong. i like disney and some of the stars, but shes just really cool! haha.

  • Baileyy

    I don’t like her.
    At all,
    she’s like not famous,
    and even before the show even came on,
    she was blogging about something no one cares about.

    She’s fucking stupid

  • Kelseyy

    9TH :]
    soo down to earth.

  • colly(:

    yuppppp this is deff. selenaaa ahaha
    thats creepy sorta kinda ya think?

  • http://jfnfkgnf Val

    She is like the twin of Selena, she looks like her and sounds like her. Wow!?!?!

    There both from Texas!!!

  • emily

    Really? Selena? I don’t see that at all.
    I think she talks like Demi Lovato, actually.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s still looks the same.