Hayden Panettiere RED With Anger

Hayden Panettiere was red faced with anger while trying to hide from paparazzi on Thursday afternoon in Hollywood. +6 under! Photo Credit: Fame Pictures.

  • Anonymous

    shes red in the face cus she was running i guess!
    and i woulld be angry for people following me to!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. She was running. Obvi. shes hot and red. Smaaaart.

  • kS

    Oh i thought it was because she was running.

  • Sara


    Well, maybe she’s tired cuz she’s 5ft 5inches and that’s a 50pound dog and she’s, um… IDK. WORKING OUT?!


  • eddiepuss

    hmm? does anyone know where they sell the purple longsleeves?

  • http://www.myspace.com/xpiratekissesx georgia

    here’s a thought: maybe she’s red-faced from working out!
    i know, sometimes i amaze myself with my brilliance

  • Chloe

    Wouldnt you be a bit embarassed if someone started TAKING PICTURES OF YOU GOING FOR A JOG.
    Give her a break for Gods sake.

  • iog

    i think she was actually wiping the sweat from her face with her shirt, not hiding in it….

    she’d obviously been running/walking really fast. give her a break. celebs are normal people

  • Jess

    who cares?

  • selena


  • selena


  • ugh

    shes still pretty

  • http://party-with-us.org Sandy


  • jblove


  • niley fan

    i believe im 1st

  • kristyn

    poor hayden :|

  • jblove

    wat?? haha

  • d

    still pretty

  • jblove


  • ally

    poor girl.
    can’t even walk her dog without being snapped

  • jonaslove


  • ????


  • gina jonas (kevins wife)

    i dont blame her.

  • Anonymous

    gosh oceanup! shes mad because of paparazzi! she is red because it is HOTouside and she might have been running!

  • anonymous :]

    She wasn’t red with anger, she was working out. People’s faces tend to flush when they work out.

  • abc123

    shes red because she has been exorcizing

  • Claire


  • anonymous :]

    she wasn’t red with anger, her face was flushed because she was outside walking her dog.

  • abc123

    shes red because shes been exorcizing

  • Anonymous
  • cyn

    aw they say dogs look like their owner and theyre both SUPER cute so it fits :]
    love her :]

  • thrice321

    she obviously is not hiding
    she was probably just hot
    and is flushed

  • Mac

    dude, not even. she’s red because she’s been working out, jeeze. you guys come up with some weird stuff.

  • whoah

    honey it’s called sunburn

    jus cause someones face is red doesn’t mean they’re mad

  • jbluvr

    dude she was jogging with her dog! thats y she was red duh!

  • Jazzyyy

    but she looks mad

  • Christina

    dude she’s exercising. she’s just hot.

  • Anonymous

    hmm? does anyone know where they sell the purple longsleeves?


    It’s from American Apparel :D i have two of them, super comfy <3

  • Louise

    hmm? does anyone know where they sell the purple longsleeves?


    it’s from American Apparel, :D i have two of them, super comfy <3

  • the right answer

    OBVIOUSLY shes red because she had been exersizing or walking and its prolly hot!!! way to try and start drama for no reason!

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