Josh Hutcherson Supermodel Unlimited Issue Party Stud

Bridge to Terabithia star Josh Hutcherson posed at Supermodels Unlimited magazine’s release party for their Hollywood’s 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL issue at Social in
Hollywood. +2 under! Photo: Fame Pictures.

  • Anonymous

    omg he’s so buff and hunky, i love him!

  • Anonymous

    that is hotttnessss right there

  • kaila

    hot. hot. hot.

  • olivia

    are you kidding, since when does he look like this..

  • Anonymous

    hah hes changed…

  • Anonymous

    that is hotttnesssss right there

  • katie

    he has a fucking nice body.

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  • Rara

    Wow! He’s hot now!

  • Anonymous

    sup stud?

  • Jenna

    I’m seriously in love with this kid
    I was when he was younger too. so creepy.

  • yaya

    i always loved the movies he was in he was always such a cutie. and he has really grow up and i think he looks a lot better.

  • jonasfreak

    omg hes so hot

    i use to love him when i was little and hes even hotter now

  • (:

    hes cute. but also like, ugly at the same time….. haha

  • (:

    hes mostly cute though :D

  • Anonymous


  • alexis

    MY HUSBAND!!!!


  • Anonymous

    OMG he is so cute

  • Me<3

    he cute..and a good actor

  • Anonymous

    his head is oblong.

  • Anonymous

    i agree i would love to sit down and have a convo with him i recon we could be good mates

  • andreana

    He is so cute! *—-*

  • Team MileyMandy

    Eww he is so fucking shiteous. Look at those baggy pants.

  • Lauren

    He’s 16 as of this October. Still younger than me but only by…7&1/2 months…cough

  • Amanda

    omg hes so facking hot.
    i’d tap him.
    not really,
    but omg i’d love to see him topless
    haha :]

  • immrsjonas

    Hes grown up so much. Hes gonna be hot in his late teens.

  • Melanie

    He’s hott(:

  • Lily


  • bammmmf

    i used to be in love with this kid like a 1 1/2 or two years ago..whenever RV came out ahah.

    I still want to say he is a studmuffin but he looks way too much like my cousin so it creeps me out.

  • tinytaylor hot!


    I have loved him FOREVER and yesss he is HOTTTTT! to whoever asked his age… hes 16. =] I love him sooo much… hes SEXY.

  • Jennifer Sombrotto Fan!

    You should post the pictures of him and Jennifer Sombrotto(upcoming singer) from the Firehouse Dog screening. They are really cool pictures.. :)


  • Anonymous

    he’s hot!
    he’s gonna get so much sexier when he gets around his 20’s


    i love him.
    enough said.

  • Kayla

    He’s so cute!!!

  • Anonymous

    i am so totally in love with him. hes so hott.

  • Isabella

    Oh my god . Are you guys sure that this is not a dream ? This is torture !!

  • Asha [anonymous]

    oh my god
    im swooning for him
    hes sooo cuteeeeee

  • Anonymous

    He’s soooo HOT & Sexy & Cute &… HOOOOOT!!! :d

  • andrea


  • kiana

    he looks like he has good personality and fun to hang out with a good buddy for me just friends not over obsessed with him like a bunch of girls running after him no offense to the girls reading this ok bye

  • katie

    he’s soooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!! hotter then ever:) but I like his long hair though

  • katie

    he’s soooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!! hotter then ever:) but I like his long hair though

  • hotstuff

    omg! he grew soo much!! thats insane. hes such a cutie

  • Anonymous

    ehh, i still think Logan Lerman is hotter.

  • bloop

    ehh, i still think Logan Lerman is hotter.

  • bree

    this guy is so underrated.

  • Gabby

    he’s adorable!

  • shandie vegas


  • cami

    FIRST!!! HES CUTE!!!

  • Laura

    He grew up. :)

  • cami

    FIRST? guess what, hes cute.

  • ha

    firsttiee !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hE’S SO HOT

  • E.

    aaahw, he was so cute back then, and now is soo HOT

  • Anonymous

    Ugh,my comments NEVER post,right after:|