Miley chatting on the CMAs red carpet on November 12.

  • Anonymous

    shes so ardorable!
    love her!

  • andreaaa

    She looked stunning :)
    the dress was an excellent choice.
    I just want to hear some stupid hater say something about the back .__.

  • roby


  • kayla

    she’s so cute :D
    “momma got up and made breakfast every morning”
    i love her accent.

  • ew

    ugliest dress ever.

  • Sara

    her dress looks kinda weird but it suits her! her shoulders looked really bony though

  • Miley&Taylorfan


  • Anonymous

    she does rli well when shes interviewed

  • Anonymous

    yy… wuts wrong with the back of her dress :S

  • Jenn

    I thought that the dress looked pretty nice on her, and I don’t understand why people are saying that her presentation was bad.? She was having a good time, and she did a good job. Props to Miley. =D

  • olivia

    what’s with the girl who says “gay” on every post?
    anyways she looks really pretty :D

  • Jake

    She looks hot!

  • Anonymous

    looks like she has a blood stain on her dress….too skinny also

  • Anonymous

    that dress is hideous. i just dont like it…

  • Anonymous

    she looks gorgeous

  • Shania

    She’s gorgeoussssssss

  • lia


  • Anonymous

    love Miley

  • corrine


    no reason to hate her hear!

    ur just jealous if u do!

  • Anonymous

    I wanna see Bolt!! I love the hamster!! :D
    Miley is so damn awesome, lol :D
    I wanna see Hannah Montana the movie too :P

  • liketofuckmiley

    sideboob <3

  • it’s me.

    omg, I love miley!
    and she looks gorgeous ^^

  • andreaaa

    looks like she has a blood stain on her dress….too skinny also

    who understands you people?
    first she’s fat
    now she’s too skinny
    seriously all you want to do
    is find something wrong with her.

    she looked great
    and the dress was gorgeous.

  • L

    my dad this! my dad that!!

    oh now i’m holding my stomach looks like i’m preggers….

    now i’m going to deny that justin gaston is my boyfriend….

    now i’m going to act like everyone in nashville loves me…

    now i’m going to act like i’m excited about hannah montana…

    uch. she sickens me. i like the show and sometimes her music but i CAN NOT STAND HER!!!! who dumps a friend for a boy?? NOT THE AVERAGE TEENAGE GIRL!! she’ an idiot for doing that to poor emily.

  • Anonymous

    that is one UGLY dress. it doesnt look like it fits her right.

  • anonymous

    I love the dress,her hair,and her.

  • Allison

    her dress was UGLYYYYY! and the giggling when her and her dad were presenting the award for song of the year, i think it was song of the year, just made her look even more stupid than she already is.

  • Anonymous

    Miley is so beautiful and sweet.
    love Miley.

  • Anonymous

    she was clearly nervous so stfu hater.. i would think she is alot smarter the you, since you just have to click on Mileypost’s when you don’t like her it just not proves alot of brain capacity to say it that way.

  • meghan

    I love the dress, but even more so, I love her hair!!! It looks so beautiful pulled back like that! Miley’s absolutely AMAZING! She seems really poised andconfident which is really great! Also, people really need to stop picking on her! “she’s looks to skinny” “her shoulders are too boney” “she’s so annoying”! You guys are all extreamly immature for saying that! what happened to ‘looks don’t matter’!? And also, first people say she’s fat and losing her figure a bit or that she dresses too revealing, andnow it’s that she’s too skinny and wearing a dress that covers her too much! AKE UP YOUR DAMN MINDS ALREADY!

  • a


  • Laura



    miley fo lifeeee (:

  • Mary

    for some reason i think her dress is really pretty, dont know why