Vanessa Hudgens WISHTORY

The gift of tap shoes shaped the person Vanessa is today.

  • cara

    I LOVE VANESSSA! this was a cute commercial!

  • anonymous

    that was soo nice :] cliche but nice

  • Melanie

    she looks so RETARDED! haha

  • JonasDemileySelVanessaZacAshley DISNEY!!!!!!

    aww this is soo cuteee

  • mahaha


  • lkfjsfdsf

    that was stupid

  • cyn

    aw shes cute..

  • Veselka

    I lo0ve her she is amazing she is my favourite actress and my role model.and she is sooo beautiful.<3<3<3

  • Veselka

    I love her she is amazing she is my favourite actress and my role model and she is sooo beautiful <3<3<3

  • amy

    iss soo didnt know she could tap dance.. lmaoo. random thaa!!

  • Kay


  • asdf

    that made me cry, but I cry so easily. I’m touched by everything.

  • Laura


  • Fx

    She looked so SWEET! <3
    awhh, bless vanessa, lol.
    she’s freaking AMAZING!
    my rolemodel, favourite actress and singer :)
    and i never knew she could tap dance!
    wow, she is so talented :)

    love her!
    and to all you haters, shut UP!
    jeez, get over yourselves :)
    she’s amazing. END OF STORY.

  • Kay

    So cute! I had no idea she could tap dance! She’s really good!

  • x

    you think that was stupid?
    well, so are YOU.