Meaghan Jette Would Shave Head

Meaghan told Tiger Beat she would shave her head for money.

  • Lizza

    She’s gorgeous! What ever major loser! Hahhh!!

  • K

    she is real cute, i hope she never shaves her head ;)

    if she would get a million $ to do it i wouldn’t blame her XD

  • Sarah

    she looks soo different

  • Anonymous

    i like her she is awsome :P
    and ally shut up your just jelous because
    she is pretty and famous
    you’re probs one of those jb fans who hate every girl around them…

  • Stephanie

    Wow shes a really dumb blonde! I’m not jealous of her at all, but I just really don’t like her. She looks mean underneath all that make-up

  • ally


  • kara

    lol. is she that desperate for money or will it be for charity?


    Why does she have so less?

    Only 7?

    Ily Meghan! :)

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Lol, she’s kinda desperate after money x]

  • roxsun

    oh really?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ok.. Who?