Miley, You Never Give Me My Money!

Promotional stills from the new Hannah Montana episode ‘You Never Give Me My Money’. Miley finds that she is always running low on her allowance so she asks Robby for a raise. Much to her surprise, he not only raises it but also gives Miley her own checking account.

Practicing self-control is easy at
first, but Miley finds temptation hard to resist when she takes a trip to the local mall, and discovers that Robby is teaching her a lesson about financial responsibility.
Credit: MileyFans, Disney.

  • Anonymous

    oowww , she looks uglky on there! i hated!

  • Emily

    Mileys stunning!

  • em

    I love her bangs! They look so good on her!

  • miley loverr

    mileyy looks really cute with this bangs and i think that will be a perfect apisode

  • Bri

    I love miley!!! when she got bangs like a few weeks ago i got bangs now so my hair is like… exactly like hers. its ah-dorable :) she is soo ah-mazing!! IF MIEY FANS HERE HAVE POLYVORE JOIN MY MILEY LOVERS GROUP!!! thx

  • Anonymous

    no so ughly

  • jennay

    She looks so pretty lately. Oh, and Oceanup…thanks for spoiling the episode

  • teammiley!

    she’s sooo pretty!<3
    stop fucking hating!

  • Sarah

    ohh how cute

  • Nina

    she looks gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    disney sucks didnt that same plot happen when he gave her a credit card

  • kara

    miley’s pretty but disney has made miley stewart pretty stupid on the show!

  • 007

    love you miley

  • 007

    you very rock miley

  • naee.

    … i agree with one of the comments.
    she does look more like ‘miley cyrus’
    rather than her character ‘miley stewart’

    if you get what i mean…


  • nunb

    love miley neh

  • Anonymous

    she looks like miley cyrus not miley stewart!

  • 007

    miley eh diva

  • 007

    fuck haters

  • alexis

    I love her outfits.

  • it’s me.

    she is SO GORGEOUS !
    I love miley ^^

  • Anonymous

    It looks cute, although it does sound exactly like ‘debt it be’.

    Oh and to the person who says Miley has annoying facial expressions, I think it’s cute and that’s how NORMAL people would look if they’re shocked or whatever. It’s just the type of character Miley is playing. Don’t hate on her just because she ain’t afraid to look ugly.

  • laura


  • oceanUP

    I like her bangs

  • Anonymous

    Wow she looks stunning!

  • Anonymous

    i love herrrrrr baaaannnnnnggggggggssssssssss <<33338957489267849357

  • izabella

    I wanna see this episode, but it kinda reminds me of an old episode, I think it was called “debt it be” :)
    Miley’s awesome, and she looks gorgeous in the new season :D

  • kelserzz

    adorable hair.

  • Anonymous

    her outfits are kinda cute

  • mileywood

    i’m pretty sure oceanup has their information wrong. i mean OBVIOUSLY it’s not the same! if people were smart they’d see that in the third to the last picture, the lady is holding what looks to be the Hannah Montana wig and miley is looking at her worried. I’m pretty sure that the summary didn’t mention that, and i’m pretty sure that’s important information. so i’m guessing that the summary is wrong, but love the stills. i can’t wait for the new episode. :)

  • wowzers(team swift/cyrus)

    that sounds exactually like the episode umm “debt it be” thats weird but anyways she looks cute

  • Myca

    This is like the credit card episode. I guess the writers are running out of ideas

  • miley?

    no matter what anyone says miley has changed a lot since i first become a hard core “i luv miley 2 deth fan” but shes still i girl i look up to and her personality hasn’t changed i dont get it when ppl call her a slut or whore bc that just doesnt recall to miley at all!!!!!!!!!! shes a good christian girl with a heart of gold and lots of talent!

    go miley!

  • Peace.Love.Beatles

    wtf?! they should stop naming her episodes after the beatles songs.. they’re killing it.

  • Anonymous

    Disney is running out of ideas. This episode is just like “Debt it Be”.

    And why does Miley always have to have the most stupidest, obnoxious facial expressions ever??!

  • Anonymous

    she looks sooooooooooo gorgeous

    ohh how cute is she??
    i love her

  • molly

    didnt this episode happen before ?
    like the one where her and jackson got emergency cards ?

  • Totally Tamberka

    Does kinda sound like “Debt it Be” but I agree that the pictures don’t really look like what the summary said. Looks more like shes going to some sort of celeb party or something. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. =]

  • evelyn/ ryan sheckler lover

    Miley looks AH-mazing this season! she looks sooooooo pretty and her clothes rock!

    But… this episode sounds EXACTLY like “Debt it Be”…

    But Miley Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leo

    in season one there was an episode about the same topic oO



    miley still rocks, and your still commenting “debt it be”


  • Hayley

    She looks gorgeous with those bangs. I love her outfits on HM,she always looks so cute!

  • steph

    i need that black shirt of hers ! i love it<3

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I can’t deny I miss watching Hannah Montana sometime.