Sabrina Bryan Body HOT Or NOT?

Bodacious Sabrina Bryan posed at the launch of ‘AWearNess’ in New York City on Thursday night. Is Sab HOT or NOT? +1! Credit: Fame. Click here to enter to win Cheetah Girl concert tickets!

  • Anonymous

    she’s got big tits. but iono.

  • kati

    she is ugly omeg is fat
    and she no has curve

  • rose

    i like her body

    she shows its okay to have curves and still look awesome :)

    lovee sabrina!

  • Anonymous

    she gorgous at least she has curves Im a twig with big boobs

  • nicole

    DAMN IT i wasnt first but fifth.. oh well

  • celine

    i like how she in the holly wood seen and not a tooth pick.
    shes not fat, but nice and full figures.


    so hot!

  • adriene

    ok she has a great body..stop saying its ugly just cause shes not stick skinny and anorexic like some other disney stars. She is really beautiful. She isnt to skinny and she is no where near fat.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    seriously, my comments never show up

  • JubBrazil

    didn’t like it!

  • Claire

    she is ugly omeg is fat
    and she no has curve


    are you mentally retarded?
    no, never mind.
    even a retard could so the has curves.
    someone really skinny is a person that
    has no curves.
    if your to stupid to even know that
    or fugure it out for your self.

  • mary

    is so fat

  • m i l e y r a y x3er

    as long as she is happy with herself thats all that matters

  • Vanessa

    She is not that fat but that girl should not wear mini dresses. Her legs are a little fat and she has nasty marks on them. I hope she wears longer dresses and hide her legs PLEASE!

  • aslan

    sabrina bryan is a girl very beautiful and her body is very geart

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  • Sara

    EH. NR. But like i don’t care. Kinda. But NR. U ppl r freakin me out. U need to stop askin us if ppl are hot.

  • I eat children

    jkjkjkj kjkjkjkjk okay.

  • Cynthia

    shes faaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • Cami

    I think she looks nice. =]

  • sfgdfgsdfg

    are you kidding me people.
    shes not even close to fat.
    have any of you looked in the mirror,
    its sad that you have to pick on other people to
    feel better about yourself. shes not even close to fat. and oceanup its just as bad that you ask people what the outside looks like,i dont like demi but shes right its whats on the inside that counts. over half of america is obese,and you people act like you have the right to call SABRINA FAT?! are you on crack? shes not even close to fat.

  • judy

    stop saying she’s fat!
    she looks like how REAL women should look like.
    not anorexic skinny, but a woman with curves!

  • http://jjjjjjjjjj Gazel

    sabrina your beautiful, inside/out;)

  • abbyJonas

    not really she is kind of f@t!!!

  • Anonymous

    She always lokks like she breathes in because she’s too fat and she has HUGE Tits

  • (:

    I think shes really pretty.
    I wish I had curves like those!
    Im a toothpick :(

  • Anonymous

    Well I think she looks great and just because she’s not a size 2, doesn’t mean she’s fat. She is a dancer and she has a lot a muscle… yea try not to diss the girl.

  • Rivers

    omg i think she is sooooooooooooo gorgeous im a lil on the heavier side so she inspires me ppl who think she’s ugly or fat yall r so mean btw i love her hair and her legs

  • Jazzy

    she’s really pretty but her body is a little too muscled up for my taste. she looks good tho. i understand she’s a dancer so thats why.

  • sarah

    shes not that fat i think shes pretty
    so i would say hot
    shes better then a super stick sninny fake girl
    but why does she have to wear a mini dress where something that flatters your body please

  • RF

    shes really pretty and i love her hair but her arms are sort of fat
    but its ok o be fat…thers nothing wrong in being fat

  • momo

    i think she looks great. she has a normal body! she isnt a size 1 but few people are.

  • blahblah..

    I wouldn’t say she’s “fat”.
    I wouldn’t say she’s “skinny” either.
    I would say she’s about average, but she’s more on the chubby side.
    But she’s so fit with all the dancing and stuff.
    Everyone’s pretty in their own unique way.

  • cb

    the reason ppl are saying she is fat is because when we first saw her she wasnt as big as she is now. i just wanna know what happened. LOL



    Hello, she’s like a dancer..
    from Cheetah Girls workout to DTWS, and before she was famous, she did a dance workout video.

    I love you Sabrina,
    you’re the proof that girls can be beautiful, with curves <3

  • POPTART141


  • Anonymous

    shes defitnitely FAR from fat!
    shes skinny!
    are you people blind?!
    so she has curves? its better than looking like a toothpick.
    and so much hotter.
    shes gorgeous.
    i WISH i had that body.
    go sabrina! :)

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I love her body actually! She’s awesome because she proves that you don’t have to be super skinny to be a star or be really famous :D
    Not that I don’t like skinny people but yeah….

  • laURENNN

    omg oceanup…are seriously asking people if they think her body is hot or not?
    dont you people listen to demi?!?!?!?
    its whats on the inside that counts…everybody is beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    shes normal size but a bit big

  • lily

    shes normal but could lose a few pounds

  • Kristen

    she’s not even close to being fat.
    that dress isnt flattering for her, but shes definitely not fat.
    she has curves.
    curves are pretty.

  • Anonymous

    like seriously who the hell would post an article about a girl asking if her body is hot or not? give the girl a breather. not everyone can have topp model bodies. just vive the girl a breakk…she looks greattt. and no one needs to be teling her other wisee.

    chill peoplee. you stit onn thiss website all day long thinking of ways to spread gossip. i mean come onn.

  • Jane Doe

    ehh… not really.

    She looks kinda chunky to me. Like firm on all the wrong parts.

  • LOL

    eeeewww! she’s FAT!

  • Anonymous

    absolutely beautiful

    curves and all… thank you sabrina for showing girls that it is ok to actually look like a woman. :)

  • Salsa… yum

    LISTEN TO DEMIIIII!!!!!!!!! I AGREE!!!!!!!

    Oh and a PS to everyone who thinks she’s fat?


    She’s a DANCER and she is definetely not fat… I mean when someone brags “I’m a size 0 and someone else is a size 6 so they are FAT!” I think that’s really mean.

  • Anonymous

    her dress is too short & unflattering

  • Anonymous

    she is ugly
    ugly body

  • Anonymous

    she is so ugly
    hot nooo
    is fat and she no haz curve:S

  • Anonymous

    Shes ok

  • Anonymous


  • jonasbrothers

    shes alright, but her body? sorry, but not.

  • aliana

    shes pretty

  • aliana

    wheres my comment ?

  • nicole



  • Wowzers

    So she’s get curves:)

  • a friend

    Holy crap u r a stupid idiot if u think she is fat she is gorgous and she has great curves I am a twig with big boobs

  • vicki

    wow, she has bigger arms than me!

  • JhrPlm

    nHNfsh tpozFsTO

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