Twilight Boys Do COSMO GIRL

Clip of the Twilight boys’ [Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, & Kellen Lutz] photo shoot for Cosmo Girl. Thx Junior Celebs!

  • Leanna

    i love taylor…. soooo sooo muchhh

    y did they put a wig on him for the movie ='[ lol

    It’s because in the book he has long hair.

    My gosh Taylor is SO HOT! or, more like a Nick Jonas sort of adorable.


    If i was in a room with those 3 guys.. (maybe not the short one)
    i dont think i would be able to contain myself,

  • madi


  • teammiley!

    DAMN taylor is SEX!

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  • sammantha

    Wow Kellan is like the perfect emmett!!

    I dont know taylor is gonna end up looking 25 in the next movie!! In the vid he looks like a little boy hanging out with the cool jocks!!

  • vicki

    ahh robert pattinson is delicious.

  • Anonymous

    They’re all really gorgeous (=
    Robert Pattinson takes the cake though,

  • Romi


  • Natalia

    They are likeee so HOT :O

  • Romi

    oohh… no second :P

  • Anonymous

    they are sooo yummy! :)

  • Anonymous

    If I can’t have I Jonas Brother, I want Taylor Launtler <3

  • Anonymous

    I meant A Jonas Brother not I Jonas Brother lol

  • Vicki

    taylor lautner is a cutiee.

  • presley

    my godd taylors sexy[:

  • kim


  • presley

    my gawd taylors a sexy beast<3

  • RF

    taylor is hot

  • gabss

    goodd the hottest boys on thee planett

  • youknowuloveme

    I am pretty sure that taylor lautner is THE HOTTEST GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN
    kellen is pretty hot two..who agrees?

  • Carmen

    omg. Kellan Lutz, Rob Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are so freaking HOT! I can’t wait to see the movie! it’s going to be amazing! And i want to meet these guys, they seem pretty chill, lol. I just wish that Jackson Rathbone was in the photoshoot too, he’s super cute, and Jasper is an awesome vampire, but yeah. lol I want more TWILIGHT. It would make this site 110 times better.

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  • erika joan


    cannot wait for this movie
    been waiting to, too, tooooo long!


  • Anonymous

    i hate twilight.
    but WOW, taylor is gorgeous.
    i want to marry him!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    ahh robert pattinson is delicious.


    LMFAO yea

  • cassie

    Forqet the jonas brothers these quys is where its at!! lol
    and david henrie cant even compare to any of these quys…
    yea david is cute but these quys are qorqeous!!

  • Janica

    david henrie is hotter than taylor. no offence but taylor is ugly without his make up.

  • Makii

    They’re all so gorgeous.
    Perfect people for the parts !

  • Janica

    david henrie is hotter than taylor, no offence but taylor is ugly without his make up

  • underdawg

    i love taylor…. soooo sooo muchhh

    y did they put a wig on him for the movie ='[ lol

  • Anonymous

    that is a lot of sexiness in one vid. foo serious.

  • anon

    i think taylor lautner is FIT for the part…. cos hes sooooo sweet and hes got personality… i think some people are being too HARSH on him…he WILL end up looking 25… so allow it.

  • Beckkyy

    If i was in a room with those 3 guys.. (maybe not the short one)
    i dont think i would be able to contain myself,
    the “shirt one” is in fact THE most hottest teen actor around n hes “short” because hes 16 and the other two are like 22 ok? so dont diss taylor—-HEZ SOO FREAKING HAWTT!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol Taylor is sooo much younger here. He looks funny/cute.