Twilight Fashion Shoot Extra

Gorgeous Twilight photo shoot outtakes from InStyle!

  • Me`

    I can not wait to watch it!:D

  • alexis

    i love twilight alot,
    but like in all there photo shoots they make bella look like she’s al ready a vampire,
    and its TWILIGHT, not breaking dawn.
    it bugs me.
    but i am soooooo excited!!!!!

  • Emma

    he is drop dead gorgeous
    rob i mean.

  • Anonymous

    lookin’ dapper (;

  • hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    the with kirsten with the bird you can see her nipplee.EWWWWWWWWW

  • Anonymous

    look@ those blue eyessssss<3

  • Daniela

    WTF! bella has BROWN eyes

  • Winny

    “nip slip alert”

    No it’s not. there AMAZING! i cant wait.

  • kayla


  • Anonymous

    i understand these might be old but…
    i think kristen is growing on me
    she is gorgeous!!but she cannot act for her life :[

    robert….mmmm mmmm mmmm yummy yummy

    and where might i ask is jackson rathbone? he is my favorite ;]

    but all in all i believe this is the most beaautiful cast they could have gotton for this movie. i hate when people complain about how they arent attractive enough because you honestly cant get better then this i dont care what you think.

    but anyway. im just excited for new moon and please people as much as you hate jacob you are not a true twilight fan if you dont go see the next movie.

    and yes. i will be crying in it.


  • Taylor

    It looks like kristens forhead is huge in the first picture!

    I <333 you robert! marry me?!?!?!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love the way he’s looking
    at her in the last picture

  • sara

    well for one
    i love kristen
    shes gorgeous<333

  • http://xxjonasxlovexx kara



    mmm. gorgeous (:

  • Anonymous

    In the movie she wears BROWN CONTACTS. Whats with all the Kristin hating! I think that she gorgeous and smart.

    Get over it!

  • rOse Cullen

    they are soo freakin beautiful!!
    Twilight Freak Forever!!!

  • SmileySupport


  • den

    okay i think that kristen stewart is just gorgeous:]

    too bad rob doesn’t ask her out. they’d look so cute together.

    i mean come on he’s already admitted that she’s his crush.

    yeah but she has a BOYFRIEND… for a few years now.

    I think they both like each other, and they would look HOT together.

  • SpunkRansom

    i think alice and bella r the prettiest

    [alice isnt theree!!]

  • RF

    bella is hot

  • Mrs Cullen

    OME (Oh my Edward)
    So sexy!!!!!!!
    They all are really good!
    I love Edward and Bella!

  • Anonymous

    fu ck you.

  • gabss

    there all such beautifull people

  • kelly

    Kristins t!t is showing in the 2nd last photo

  • Rita

    They shoud show they natural beauty.
    i mean those pictues are SOOO edited that if you see them in person people wont even reconize them. (i.e. Bella or watever her real name is)

  • i love that last picture! i love the way he looks at her!

  • catriona

    does ne one else realizer her boob is popping out in one of them lol. well not popping just kinda tehre lol

  • ;l


    but i feel sorry 4 ashley and jackson – they never get to do any of this coolio stuff. nikki and kellan always do..

  • erika joan

    marry me robbert??
    marry me kellan!??!?!


    lol i cannot wait untill twilight
    kristen is such an amazing actress

  • Anonymous

    she is very pretty but you can clearly see her boob in the second to last picture!!!

    robert is HOT!

  • caitcait

    the whole cast is goregous but id rather NOT see kristens boobie plz. :)

  • Leo

    maan why does kristen always have to look so snobbish xD but when she laughes she looks kinda more like i imagine bella to be

  • kristin

    okay i think that kristen stewart is just gorgeous:]

    too bad rob doesn’t ask her out. they’d look so cute together.

    i mean come on he’s already admitted that she’s his crush.

  • s2rob

    rob is LITERALY perfect

  • Jane

    NIP SLIP!!! NIP SLIP!!! hehe not as bad as tisdale’s though!

  • Morgan

    Again, took this straight from JustJaredJr. And I understand that’s what all blogs do. I mean look at Perez… But at least he adds his own spin to it.

  • Marisa

    AHH! I can’t wait until Twilight comes out. I’ve never been so madly in love with a fictional character. =O

  • roxsun

    i love them!! cant wait 4 the movie!!

  • roxsun

    they’re all so cute

  • Makii

    The Boys look great.
    I can’t stand Kristen =[.

  • wowzers(TEAMSWIFT/CYRUS)

    so cute i love it cant wait for the movie

  • Hmm

    she has no tits
    its pretty sad

  • stefy

    i love robert (: he is so cute

  • Anonymous

    nip slip alert