Twilight Sequels Confirmed, Fangirl Asked Robert Pattinson To Bite Her

Summit Entertainment has acquired the rights to the next three novels in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio has also secured screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to write New Moon and Eclipse, the second and third installments.

When Premiere asked Rob what the weirdest thing that’s happened to him so far in the Twilight promotion, he said,
Well, this was in New York, at the Apple store. This really, really
young girl came up on stage, and she asked me to bite her, but like in
such a passionate way, it wasn’t really fun and games, ‘Hey, will you
bite me, haha, joking!’ She’d made up her mind, she got on the stage,
and she wanted it. Like a real vampire bite.

Have you read the whole series now?
I haven’t. I’ve read all of
the books except for Breaking Dawn. I didn’t want to know how it ended. I wanted to have the uncertainty of not knowing where it’s going to go, so I just read the first three. I want to read the last one, but I’m determined to wait.’
Photo: Fame.


    I don’t know how people find him attractive.


    I love rough/messy men that are really masculine – he fits the bill,
    hes not to everyones tastes

    i personally think hes hawwwwwwt x

  • Makii

    erika joan: I am not a dumb ass.
    When I say she is not perfect for it, it is MY opinion.
    Get lost.
    And she isn’t right for the part.
    People aren’t focused on the parts, too into the Movie…
    Don’t worry.
    You won’t understand.

  • Anonymous

    Just because a studio has the rights to books, does not mean the movies will be made. just thought i’d put that out there.

  • kara

    ick. bad pic of rob. but he’s still gorgeous!

  • vicki

    i wouldn’t mind if robert pattinson bit me. ;D

  • dulce

    he is usualy so sexy..
    im sorry but wtf is up with this pic?

  • Anonymous

    his vein is poppin’

  • Emily

    omgshhh i wouldnt mind him biting me ;]
    he’s soo hawt x]

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how people find him attractive.

  • selena

    ocean up, if you really knew anything, you wouldn’t of posted this! There is a rumor floating around provided by Hollywood Reporter that Summit Entertainment has acquired rights to the next three novels. Summit did not confirm the article.i demand you take this down right now!

  • XOXO

    hahahahaha he’s the only man who can do a gay pose…and still look haaaaawt!!! hahaha luv him!!

  • XOXO

    he’s the only man who can do a gay pose and still look haaaawt! love him!1

  • rachelle

    i saw him on monday! oh hot damn, he’s freakin gorgeous in person.
    but i must say, this pic is not very flattering. i love him anyways.

  • Anonymous

    i read twilight and new moon and today i was gonna check out eclipse but this girl got there seconds before i came up the counter and she was like flirting with the guy(the guy was a helper he was like in 7th or 8th)they know each other so he gave the book to her and yeah and the other copy is due on Wed. so im gonna get it on wed. ……hopefully

  • Alexandra

    He could bite me ANYTIME!!!!!!!!
    and i wouldn’t mind if he bit one pillow or two!

  • Anonymous


  • hey

    He’s really fugly… Edward was described as PERFECT not thaaaat-

  • Anonymous


  • Makii

    Shut up !!

    Robert is fucking gorgeous !
    Perfect part for Edward !!

    Kristen is not the part at all.

  • Anonymous


  • omi

    yeah i cant wait for eclipse!!!

    that’s good that rob didnt read breaking dawn. it’s good to wait until he’s filming that movie!

  • Jane Doe

    HO snap! I wonder how they’re gonna do the 4th movie? it’ll b like rated R with all the sex scenes and not to mention the graphic baby birth. ughhh..

    im not looking forward.

  • Anonymous

    ok no one will look like edawrd…I mean he is to perfect. and edward is as close as it will get..he kinda looks like a vampire and he is so sexy and man he could bite me any time :)

  • erika joan

    i read all four books=) took me two days to read breaking dawn =D

    meyer is … my god!

    all of you shut up!!!

    Robert in the movie, and real life is fucking perfect SORRY PERFECTION IN BOOKS IS NOT THE SAME AS REAL FUCKING LIFE BITCH!!

    and kristen fits the part perfectly dumb ass! If you read midnight sun, edward says that Bella is not pretty. but not ugly either.

    Robbert and Kristen are fucking perfect for it.

    You cant expect a georgus modle (like rose) to play bella! OBVIOUSLY YOU DONT KNOW THE FRIKEN BOOKS SO DONT TALK

    the cast is perfection, in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Dayum, he’s sexy.
    In the movie, he is so much better looking I admit.

    But I think he was good for Edward. Robert looks like a vampire but he’s dangerous and sexy at the same time. I can’t wait to hear his ‘American’ accent.

    And for those who say that Kristen doesn’t fit the part for Bella, I disagree. She’s the same image I had in my head for her. She’s very average and this may sound weird, but her voice completes the role.


    I can’t wait until next week. :D

  • angel

    well honestly he’s not how i imagine my edward when i first read the book, i imagine my edward to be more lik chace crawford(big GG fan here), but i guess rob will do;]he’s hawt
    nd to the person that doesnt think kirsten fit the part of bella, well i think she’s perfect for bella, shes average lookin, not ugly or super pretty, exactly the way the book describe it.nd she looks tough

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Twilight fans were bizarre and annoying. I’m glad that time is over.