Rob Patt ‘This Is My Seduction Face’

Robert Pattinson Seventeen Q&A.

  • Anonymous

    he serisouly is the perfect edward cullen
    i lovve edward so much it depresses me that hes just a book character haha im so obsessed i cant take it the books make me cry so much<3

  • me


  • Anonymous

    omg i love his accent!! he is gorgeous i love him

  • camille

    kinda sounds like he’s mumbling
    i can barely understand most of what he says

  • Anonymous

    ew twilight sucks

  • Anonymous

    hes ugly if only that was taylor lautner

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand how people like him hes so freakin ugly

  • anonymous

    what are you guys talking about?
    he’s so freakin hot!!
    but you know, not everyone has
    the same taste so you cant really
    blame anyone.

  • asha

    NOW i think he is cute. WHEN HE SHAVES. when he is hairy its totally opposite for me.

    him and cam gigandet

  • momo

    i think he is hilarious, i love him and taylor

  • Mrs. Lautner

    I KNOW!!!!!!! TAYLOR IS SUCH A BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • krystiana

    “This is my seduction face, why are you laughing?”

  • xoxo

    hes soo COOL!… him and Kristen are cool…

  • Alex

    I like robert pattinson better when he’s shaven. GO ROB AND TAYLOR!

  • Sneha

    Haha I love Robert :)

  • Rachael

    dude. i love Rob.
    He is like, the BEST EDWARD CULLEN EVER.
    for those who dont think he is hot,
    you are messed up in the head.
    my theory: Robert Pattinson is so close to perfection, that it just doesnt look human. :P

  • tiatia

    He’s such a nerd, it’s hilarious.
    He’s really gorgeous, and I think he’ll do the part of Edward Cullen as much justice as anyone can.
    I can’t wait for the movie – seeing it on the 18th =D

  • Makii

    Twilight is awesome, shut upp you stupid haters.

    Rob, you’re gorgeous and I’mm so glad that you’re from here ! [UK]

  • Anonymous

    i can’t understand what he is really saying haha.
    but i like the “this is my seduction face stop laughing at me!” haha, i<3 his accent.
    can’t wait for the movie!

  • the tree girl

    i dont understand how people like him hes so freakin ugly
    Well, not everyone has the same taste and all but if you think hes ugly you have to admit that hes cooler and more talented by far from this JB shit!
    so STFU, he deserves fame cuz hes a nice guy and has talent, dont matter if hes ugly or not to you, i find him attractive for his smartness, talent, his way, accent, beauty…etc!

  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    He is soooo freaking ugly!!!! twilight should die!!!! The first book was the most I could handle. HP should be coming out in 5 days, not stupid Twilight!!!! Stephanie is no where near as good a writer as JK Rowling!!! Plus HP has a way bigger fan base. HP is for girls AND guys and old and young. Twilight is for girls and girls only. I have been an HP fan for 7 years and I will never stop being a fan!!! 241 days till the HP movie!!!!! Wow…that sux!!! But the new trailer ROX!!!!!

  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    twilight SUX!!! He is ugly!!

  • sharonsWilliams

    he ts freaking hot!!!!
    wat’s happend people

    the people not have eyes! O_O

  • Anonymous

    …i wish i could understand him…

  • miscel

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