Zeke And Luther Casting Auditions

Production has begun on the live-action original comedy series ‘Zeke & Luther‘, starring Hutch Zano, about two best friends who set their sights on becoming world-famous skateboarders.

It will premiere in Summer 2009 on the new Disney XD. Adam Hicks costars as Zeke’s off-beat best friend, Luther, in addition to Daniel Curtis Lee [Ned’s Declassified] as their skating rival, Kojo, & Ryan Newman [Hannah Montana] as Zeke’s witty younger sister, Ginger. Full casting details at Acting Info.

  • eddieSOUP

    i had a dream he went to my school and we ate soup in the cafeteria tell my grandpa came in and said eddieeeee don’t forget to flossyyyy! my goodness it was a nightmare! kyle massey saved me though. my herooooo!

  • nicole

    he’s so cute (;
    nice eyes too

  • Anonymous

    ooh he is cute
    i think im in love lol

  • Anonymous

    nice eyes. hes a cutie.

  • ilovenickjonas

    woah. that kid is gorgeous..

  • cami

    OMG!!! what a fantastic pair of eyes. he’s gorgeous.

  • Carissa

    OMJ!!!..He is definatly on my sexified list!!!!…Dang he is sexy…my aunt is sitting next to me saying where was he when I was that age..lmao!!!..But Im still 100% a Jonas girl…

  • Anonymous

    i lava you eddie!

  • lisaaaaaaaaa

    he’s disgusting,


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  • Jada

    All three of the boys are hot! Hutch, Adam and Daniel.

  • Anonymous

    he’s not that cute to me.

  • Anonymous


  • kelsey

    they were filming the 7th episode at my school!!!
    haha i met hutch.
    he was so niiicee!!!
    (and cute)
    he signed my friends phone!! haha
    and he has the same phone as she does…
    (the new chocolate)
    and yea its dano not zano…
    :P i also met the other guy but i forgot the other kids name but all i remember is that he has red hair… :/

  • sky!

    isn’t Zano! is Dano!

  • carolina

    OMG he’s sooo hooot

  • Jonas


  • Jamie


  • corrine

    yayy to bad its directed towards guys…

  • kristen

    he’s fug.

    pretty eye color, though.

  • Dead Poets Society

    Hes hot.
    I dont think any of my guy friends will be watching this though…..

  • samr

    is that nick zanos brother?


    hes cute

  • wow

    haha hutch. gotta love him
    know him.
    good guy
    support him

  • <33333333333


  • maria


  • Anonymous

    He’s kinda… eh.
    Wait, what’s Disney XD?

  • Tru

    He is cute…His eyes are freakin Hot! We goin to have to see how that show comes out…..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I think I’ve watched one episode of this show.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Newman is hotter.

  • mila

    he is soo fckin hot, and his eyes omg

    rude jokes