Twilight Cast MUCH MUSIC Clips

The cast of Twilight,
Rachelle Lefevre, Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed
and Kristen Stewart live at Much Music. Part 2-5 under!

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas


  • MrS. NiCk JoNaS

    FiRsssT??? XD

  • Alexa

    Can`t wait to the movie realease..
    soo :)..

  • Mrs. Nick Jonas

    Yesssssssss!!!!! I’m FIRST bitches!!!!! You know…not like it matters or anything XD

  • :]

    i dont no why everyone hates kristen,
    i think shes awesome.

    sometimes she just uses big word that we cant understand ;]
    but shes perfect to me to play bella in this movie,
    and shes making me wanna see it even more :]

    but i just dont think she’s use to being in films so big,
    she always says she likes to stick to the smaller ones,
    and maybe shes just not use to all this yet,
    since it can take awhile

    4 MORE DAYS! :D

  • <3

    i can’t wait!
    i’m so excited.

    i love love love the cast<3


  • monika

    did rob say “teeth brush” ?
    thts so cutee.

  • misha

    haha, i camped out to see them!
    30 hours in the freezing rain, but it was totally worth it!
    Robert held my hand!

  • Makii

    No, it doesn’t matter when you’re first.
    Gosh people, do you want a medal or something =P.

    Go Twilight. [Minus Kristen].

  • youknowuloveme

    ha i love how robert is sitting on the couch like he is in the middle of his living room. but ugh why cant the girls fricken shut up its not like they care about ur screaming they actually hate it. wow kristen seems really really nervous its kinda annoying