Amanda Bynes super skinny at the ‘Princess Diaries‘ premiere back in July 2001! She looks completely different now. I wonder how Selena and Miley will fare in the next 7 years..

  • camm

    i loove her!!

  • kaila

    OMG she is SO skinny!

    yea i wonder what miley n selena n everyone will look like years from now.

  • bojo

    In 7 years miley and selena will be posing nude in Playboy….. and i will buy fifteen copies

  • Anonymous

    this is retarded lol
    but funnyyy.. :0

  • Anonymous

    she looks a little bit younger here, and now a few years later she still is pretty!


    I remember when she looked like this – like in ‘The Amanda Show’ (anyone else remember that show? it was soso funny & it had drake bell in it)

    I think she was anorexic,
    thats not natural matabalism.. its just extreme

  • laURENNN

    selena and miley?? what about demi?
    yea she looks waaaayy too thin

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Too skinny not kewl!

  • Anonymous

    ohh gross she looks anorexic!

  • raisa

    holy shit is that bleacker’s mom from juno creeepin in the back?

  • Anonymous

    OMiG. She is so freakin skinny. gain weight girl. U reali need it. Selena is a skank n Miley is a slut. Future porno.

  • Anonymous

    the last picture i saw of her was at some hairspray premier.
    wow. she’s gotten well, skinny. hah.

  • Anonymous

    i love amandaa

  • Anonymous

    shut up.
    none of them are skanks.
    none of them are sluts either.


  • Anonymous

    well, demi has hips and everything, but shes flatchested.
    soo…who knows.
    and yeah selena loks like shes stay like that.
    mileys curves are coming out so she wont change THAT much.
    i bet theyll all still be pretty though (:
    well lets hope so.

  • Jane

    she looks pretty here, but i like her better now. the curvy look totally works on her. not on miley though, she just looks chubby. and selena is naturally skinny

  • kristan

    i agreee.
    recently miley has definitely gotten curvier, but selena has just stayed her usual stick self :]

    but anyway, amanda looks amazing now, im so glad she changed her appearance. it was defdefdefff for the better!

  • it’s me.

    haha, cute ^^

  • it’s me.

    she looks pretty here, but i like her better now. the curvy look totally works on her. not on miley though, she just looks chubby. and selena is naturally skinny
    are you saying that miley is fat?
    gosh, are you anorexic or something?
    no way miley cyrus is fat!
    I’m happy she gained weight, she looks even better now ^^

  • verO.

    you mention selena and miley.

    think about demi in a few years!~
    she’s already got a bit of curves now..

    no homo or anything XD
    but wow.
    selena looks like she’ll stay like that.maybe get a little more hips.
    miley looks like she’ll get a bit more boobs.
    but demi already hass hips and legs and butt.

    hahahah these disney queens.

  • Anonymous

    she still looks good

  • Anonymous

    they will both have highlights.

  • lisa


  • pooop


  • Anonymous

    wow she was really skinny

  • Anonymous

    i think she looks great now. so much better with actual weight to her. gives her a curve or two. she looks good there, but i like her body type now.

  • Awesome 101

    she doesn’t look healthy

  • Anonymous

    omg wow
    “she still looks good”
    i was actually first haha
    as annoying as it may be i feel like a accomplished something when i was first haha

  • Anonymous

    SHES A STICK! haha

  • aspen riley

    mileys curves are cuming out im not sure about selena yet ..amanda body weight did change shes looks great now

  • Kristen

    same here

  • Anonymous

    She looks terrible!
    Much preferred her look in ‘She’s the man’!! She looked much better!
    Her arms look like they’d snap if you touched them! LOL

  • Emma

    awwww, CHILL! Amanda is just curve now, she’s amazing.
    Selena is going to turn out fab-oh
    not sure about miley though,,,

  • camm

    she was super skinny back then, i mean she’s still pretty thin now but with curves in the right places. she’s soo gorgeous. she’s like my role model. i think miley will get curves and selena just looks like she’ll stay that way.