Cody Linley And Julianne Hough Dancing With The Stars Paso Doble

Cody & Julianne doing the Paso Doble on DWTS. Salsa under! As always, thx carriefan2009. Do YOU support Cody, Lance, Brooke or SAPP?

  • Cody and Julianne All The Way

    I loved the army dance it was so cool and Cody really got into the character the judges were so mean I didn’t think it was that bad. Go Cody i voted for you.

  • Anonymous

    haha omg he is adorable! :D

  • Anonymous

    i loveeeee cody,
    i want him to win.
    hes adorable.

  • Anonymous

    i loveeee cody
    i want him to win
    hes adorable

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I want Cody&Julianne to win and Lance and Lacey 2nd :)

  • Lola

    the salsa was AWESOME

  • Jane

    I like Cody, but Warren is my favorite. He is really really hilarious!!! Go SAPP! But Lance and Lacey were SUPERB last night

  • Anonymous

    the army one wasnt paso doble! i didnt like that one, as a coordinate dance was good but they needed more movement. the salsa was better but they were a little tense, specially cody
    i still want they to win! love them

  • f

    lance bass, mr.sirdancealot,

  • <3

    wooo cody!

    i think he looks like a lion.

    is that just me…?

  • Shania


  • Anonymous

    awww codyyyy!

  • Anonymous

    aws. cody is a cutie

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    lance bass ftw.

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    oceanUP never posts my comments ):

  • Anonymous

    aww i love him!

  • Kristen

    as much as i love julianne and cody, i love lance bass and lacey schwimmer more.

  • Kayla

    OMG i was sooo there for the filming!!! me my sister and bff got cody to smile, wink, and give us a heart! (what i mean by “give us a heart” is that we yelled his name and did a heart with our hands and he did the same!) he is soooo nice and he really appreciates his fans!!!! he did sooo good!! the judges were mean to him! lol i luv him!!!