Hilary Duff and boyfriend Mike Comrie
hit up MTV Studios in New York City for TRL Total Finale Live, the last show ever. Credit: INF Photo. More under!

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  • jblove

    what a horrible outfit!
    exept from that, she looks great :)

  • maaaaa



    jb lovers ? yaaah .

  • Anonymous

    stunning. she’s not such a terrific role anymore w/ her new music vid, but ya

  • Anonymous

    As in no more, as in it’s cancelled? Or what?
    And wow are Hilary Duff’s eyelashes long haha. She looks pretty (:

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  • lea.mkr

    yay! she died her hair blond again.
    she was like back and forth on colors for a while.
    she looks good.


  • Anabel

    I think that if the sheer black bottom part of the dress were shorter it would look cute but otherwise it just looks a little strange.

  • Lizzz

    I love hillary ! She lives in my town…


  • HannahRose

    Her boy friend suprisingly is not cute.

  • Anonymous

    trl is ending?

  • Anonymous

    and her boyfriend is fat

  • naomiheartsjonas


  • Claire

    i miss lizzie magwire :[
    or how ever you spell it.

    just saying… :D

  • Anonymous

    her outfit is horrible

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous!!!! i love her

  • jeannette


  • olivia

    aw i love hilary :D

  • Anonymous

    Shes so pretty, but the bottom see through part of her dress is unnessicary, it wouldve been better if she wore black tights

  • Anonymous

    He knee looks skinned :[

  • Åshild

    first or second :D
    hillary is so cute ;*

  • katieee!

    aww, she’s so pretty!
    but it’s not the last show.
    didn’t the director or something
    say trl is only taking a break?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I cried when TRL ended. Like really I did.

  • tentidiomia
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