Mitchel Musso Love The Life You Live

Mitchel Musso‘s t-shirt declared ‘LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE The New Art Movement’ at the premiere of BFF costar Miley‘s movie Bolt in Hollywood. Photo: Fame, Juan Rico. +1!

  • (:

    thats a COOL SHIRT.

  • <3

    i’m not lovin my life so much.

  • kadf;kad

    he’s naaaastyy

  • maddie


  • Anonymous

    cuuuutie pieeee

  • T

    Aww, He looks cute! His hair is getting SOO long. But he looks good. I can’t wait to see Bolt! I’m gonna go see Bolt and Twilight this weekend. YAY! <3

  • T

    Why comment if you think he’s nasty? Lol.

  • kevinfan

    i prefer his brother or joe jonas in that white foam sex video

  • kevinfan

    …his chin is a little off center to the picture’s left. can anyone else see that or is it just me seeing things haha



    he has a cute face, just that hair is so so wrong for him
    and i hate the way it moves *shivers*

  • :)

    the only reason celebs say shit like that
    (or wear shirts like that )
    is because they have an amazing life
    they don’t live like normal people like us do
    i’d like to see them love their lives if they were just normal people.

  • Anonymous

    he’s not cure it all

  • Sara

    Love the shirt. :D He’s kinda cute.

  • Totally Tamberka

    Mitchel=amazing. =]

  • mrsjoejonas

    such a stoner.

  • AJBK

    Sat next to his cousin at JoBro Concert, nice girl!

  • deb


  • Kristen

    i like his shirt. lol

  • Anonymous


  • silly joseph, socks are for feet!

    mitchel musso is amazing.
    i love this boy.