Rihanna REHAB, HOT Or NOT?

Rihanna‘s brand new music video Rehab. Is it
HOT or NOT? Click here if you can not see it.

  • anoynymous

    FIRST !!!

  • samantha

    dont know.

  • Sara

    I don’t feel like watchin’ the video. but i heard tha song and it’s lame.

  • Anonymous

    It was Justin Timberlake

  • Anoynymous


  • michelle

    Hot, of course.

  • marissa

    idk. but that guy looks like justin timberlake. idk

  • tiff.

    haha that is defintiely true. cause i have no idea what that song was about. i just know it was catchy and that justin was rdiculously sexy.

  • RF

    i love the older videos when she had longer hair and was younger
    now its like she’s trying to be someone she is not some one to fit into hollywood but doent she get it her songs are amazing and you not need to act slutty in music videos just to promote your songs
    she has talent!

  • fdasfdsfd

    omg justin timberlake :))))))))
    if justin wasnt in t i wouldnt have watched it

  • Mei

    So so hot.

  • Basia

    hahaha. that is where they shot “Hold On” too. Been there a million times.

  • ally

    i only like the video cause Justin is in it
    the song isn’t very catchy
    ya feel me?

  • Anonymous

    that sibg is baddd

  • Selina


  • tiff.

    song is hot!!

    ..but moreover damn is justin the sexiest man alive. ugg the things he does to me. that man has had a hold on me since nsync. love him!!

  • Anonymous


  • kaitlyn


  • musicismybf


  • Anonymous

    Rihanna Is Amazing
    So Is Jusin =]]

  • cyn

    NO FAIR! i love justin. omg shes so lucky x]
    this is def hot. hot hot hot.

  • olivia

    wowowwoww she looks gorgeous.

  • kaaatie

    i like it. i’ve liked the song.

    oh yeah, justin timberlake is hot too. =|
    i’m jealous………

  • kat

    i think its funny how they have to have rihanna half naked and justin timberlake all wet getting naughty on a car in order for people to watch it. what happened to storylines and quality music?

  • lovemenot.x

    er i don’t get the point of the music video.
    hot hot hot rihanna with sexy sexy sexy justin.
    whoa how insane?
    amazing song thoughh (Y)

  • lizzie

    HOT! All her videos, and all of Justin’s for that matter are incredible. She is so talented. Love this song as well.

  • Anonymous

    love it!!!

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    this is so fucking sexyyy :)
    jt and rihanna great combo, they are both freakin’ hot no matter what!

  • Vanessa

    yeah this is so sexy its getting me horny! XD
    love Justin!!

  • DanceBrittanyDance!

    it never posts my commentss!

  • Anonymous

    why does justin timberlake say like 2 words….

  • kathy


  • camille

    love itt. love herr.

  • xstinaa

    omgggggggggg im so turned on by his lol