Taylor Swift In Plaid And Cracker Barrel Date With Dad

Cracker Barrel is so famous now! Taylor Swift was spotted out
to breakfast with dad at Cracker Barrel in Nashville, Tennessee. After, she boarded a plane with her family. Credit: INF Photo.
More under! Listen to her brand new Z100 interview here.

  • iheartjb915

    I love Taylor Swift!! She is an amazing singer and she always looks cute!

  • Anonymous

    love the swearter i have one lol

  • Cami

    I love her! =]

  • rachel

    she’s so cute. i love her style!?

  • Jess


  • booga-booga

    dont like her…oh and 1st?

  • sophie

    love what shes wearing :)
    love her !!

  • may

    Ahhh,Cracker Barrel, one of my fav breakfast eateries. I love that place and the little gift shop, and the little board game they have.

    I wonder when they’re gona start hitting up Waffle House. “Waffle on Four!, Waffle on Four!” Those sounds bring so mant yummy memories………I think I’ll go now! ;)

  • DebbyItalyy

    She is beautiful =)

  • dude

    Omg shes wearin pants!

  • Anonymous

    I love Taylorrr.
    Her style is adorable.
    And I really want her hair.

  • taylor

    0hhh i love her & her style
    home sickkkk blehh

  • tiff

    wooo. cracker barrel is the best. that is good eatin right there.

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  • Kristin

    she’s so pretty! i love her style. she looks like her dad a little bit:]

  • melani

    That should’ve been Taylor, Miley, AJ, and Selena doing the bitch n brunch.

  • http://www.youtube.com/dustieandkristen Kristen

    i used to go to cracker barrel all the time with my family when i was younger.
    the food is so good!

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  • Ally

    I love her!

  • Anonymous

    aww I wish I had a dad as cool as taylor… coughI don’t even know my fathercough oh well
    Ehem. anyways she looks like him, very pretty!

  • Anonymous

    aww her interview was really cute too. loverr her.

  • Sam

    does anyone know where she got those boots? i want them

  • booga-booga

    taylor, aj and miley are all wrecks since they broke up with the jonas they were dating.

  • stel

    she’s sooooo pretty and amazing ahhhh i love her

    team taylor

    and i hate joe…forever and always

  • Maddie

    mmm. love cracker barrel.

  • Alaina

    She’s a freak of nature.

    I mean that in a bad way. =)

  • ashlee

    she’s so pretty… joe is a jackass. i luv u taylor

  • Sara

    OMG! I hate her! <33 lol. JK! I love her! But I hate her cuz of her hair! I'd KILL for hair like that!! >:( I have dark chocolate hair. But a bad haircut RUINED the growth of my curls so I DON’T have curls, nor my hair is STRAIGHT. It’s the crapiest WAVY ever! >:| And her hair is like MESSY but so CURLY. They go on for MILES!

  • Anonymous

    love her outfit!

  • haha oceanUP

    don’t you mean Taylor was spotted at Cracker Barrel with her DEAD. lol

  • xXLifeTriggerXx

    She is disgusting!!!!!!
    i would never date such a ugly girl like that!

  • clem

    i LOVE her
    she is so incredible sweet and down to earth and just incredible in every way
    i think she got that jacket when she came to london in topshop… ive got it too!
    yay taylor :)

  • katieee!

    ahh! i love her!

  • http://myspace.com/luckyrabbitk87 Kate

    No matter what ppl say or whatever is up with her, I adore TAYLOR SWIFT! Love the girl. And she looks beautiful even without makeup^__^

  • tia

    i love her! shes so gorjuzz and i love the way that she dresses!

  • annnie

    love her!!!!