Alyson Stoner Twilight Premiere

Alyson Stoner cute and casual at the LA’s premiere of Twilight at the Mann Village Theater on Monday. Photo: Fame. +2 under!

  • morgan3


    i met her on sunday in nyc=]

  • selena

    ok, im sorry, but why is she there?

  • demi

    aww shes so pretty!
    her and taylor are like best must have been great for him too see her since he was busy shooting.

  • luv ya alyson!!

    love her- h8 her outfit!

  • Anonymous

    ok. it’s a PREMIER. you DRESS UP.
    she looks like she’s going to a day at the office, but i’m sure she wouldn’t even know how to dress for that, since she’s done basically nothing in her life.

  • Michelle

    Who is she?

  • ally

    i like her

    shes got class

    alyson, stay classy!

  • Anonymous



    I MET HER!!

  • http://hey shyanne

    hey i love alyson she knows my cuz savannah

  • jess

    she looks great!!! so pretty

    shes here cuz shes been in movies and such

    i mean chelsea staub?? though?? idk y shes there hahah

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautiful… i always have to think how to spell that lol. well, she’s actually one of those calm cool and collected disney girls who is not going over board

  • :)

    errrr. something about her face annoys me
    i dont like hate her & im not trying to be mean
    her face is just… unattractive..

  • mayaSHOCK

    she looks pretty.veryy nice outfit

  • LOVEato

    aww she’s so cuteee.
    and i bet she was there for taylor ahah ;)
    they did make a pretty cute couple, im not gonna lie.
    but i LOVE HIM for myself bahaha :)

  • LOVEato

    aww she’s so cuteee.
    and i bet she was there for taylor ahah ;)
    they did make a pretty cute couple, im not gonna lie.
    but i LOVE HIM for myself bahaha :)

  • K

    she looks great :)

  • karina

    i love her outfit.

  • Anonymous

    sexy bitch. selena better watch out before she moves in on her woman aka DEMI.

  • Shania


  • isa

    cute! love her (L

  • Kristen

    she looks great.
    and her outfit is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    i love her outfit:)

  • Anonymous

    twilight is sold out in naples!!!

  • Carmen

    haha! i love LAyson. she’s awesome!
    and we all know why she’s there right????
    1st, she loves twilight
    and 2nd, taylor Launtner is there! duh! lol
    i love this girl!

  • sara

    um, who the hell let her out wearing that?!

    I love Alyson, but that outfit is fug.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t like her

  • hailie

    we have a couple of shows sold in in nashville. one movie theatre has the a show started at 12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04, and 12:05

  • allie. (:

    she’s loosing her tomboy edge.
    she’s really pretty.

  • ebbs

    i love the way she did her hair and i like whats shes
    wearing she looks so mature and grown up for a 15 yr

  • Samantha

    ok, im sorry, but why is she there?
    she’s there to support Taylor! duh!
    they’re like best’s annoying when you ppl say why is she there,it’s pretty obvious.

  • Anonymous

    i was thinking the same thing!!

    i like her and all, dont get me wrong, but what did she do to get invited? :P

  • damn

    i really dont think shes pretty..
    im not tryin to mean..its just i just..dont

  • kristan

    she deserves so much more credit than what she gets.
    she’s a pretty decent actress, of course an AMAZING dancer, and is prettier than any disney channel star thats “big” today.

  • ashleyjonas

    wtf her outfit is ugly..

    she s pretty and i like her but ahh this style not so mucho

  • Samrah

    and she was probably there to support twilight of course but also to support Taylor Lautner too.
    They worked together in Cheaper By the Dozen 2.

  • Lee

    To all the rude people who are asking why Alyson is there, Taylor Lautner is one of her best friends, why wouldn’t she be there to support him.

  • niley<3

    why were all these disney stars at the preimeree???

  • (:

    cute outfit.

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