Ashley Newbrough Privileged At Twilight Premiere, HOT Or NOT?

Privileged starlet Ashley Newbrough posed at the Twilight premiere in Westwood. Is Ash HOT or NOT? Photo: Fame.

  • katieee!

    who is she?

  • anonymous

    What a naturally lovely looking girl. Her looks and acting certainly will enable her to enjoy a wonderful career.

  • haileyy

    she has REALLY pretty eyes.

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous! Everyone saying otherwise is just jealous! definitely HOT!!!

  • Sara

    Awww! She’s so pretty. I love her dimples. :D

  • Miranda Cullen

    Paramore- Decode- Acoustic Version!

  • Anonymous

    went to high school with her!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hot for sure!! So great to see someone who looks real and can be so gorgeous at the same time.

  • Anonymous


  • Layla

    she has really nice eyes.. but she forgot to tan her legs. they are a competely different colour to the rest of her body.

  • Steph


  • terry

    shes a beautiful girl and that is just a weird angle shes great on privileged and HOT!!!

  • Steph


  • Anonymous

    stunning.thats all i can say.

  • Anonymous

    yeah i love her body

  • tanya

    itotally agree!!! she is a natural beauty and has gorgeous eyes and smile she is beautiful !!! i love her on privileged she plays a bitch and shes hilarious ! sage baker aka ashley newbrough is gorgeous and healthy!!!!!!

  • qt

    I love her eyes, such a pretty girl!

  • Anonymous


  • sarah

    she is SAGE BAKER on the cw PRIVILEGED shes soooo good and sooo beautiful!!!

  • brad

    she is smokin HOT gorgeous babe very sexy beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    great legs and eyes she hot!!

  • tanya

    shes not a friggin anorexic!! she perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Guys, call 911…

    The squirelles lost all their nuts!

    Wait…they’re in her mouth…

  • JubBrazil

    frist??…wooww she looks fat on the face!

  • laURENNN


  • louisehsjdhdjd

    her cheeks are huge when she smiles

  • A

    yes she’s beautiful! she has a gorgeous face and a healthy regular person’s body…

  • Anonymous

    love her :)

  • Anonymous

    So how many of you jealous freaks can say that you have attended a premier or has had there picture taken thousand of times and posted in different magazines!!
    Ohh let me take a guess???…..NONE of you!!
    Stop being so petty and give Ashley credit for being a young roll model for many girls her age. Not only is she gorgeous, but smart and she is doing something productive with her life, and I admire that about her as do many!!
    Keep smiling Ashley cause thats what makes you who you are!!

  • Anonymous


  • abby

    i love sage and i love her look ashley is gorgeous like her twin rose!!

  • JubBrazil


  • Nina

    god,her chick looks smile when she smiles

  • Nina

    her chick looks huge when she smiles

  • Anonymous

    omg her face

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Umm… I went to highschool with that girl…

  • lea

    OMG !
    lol her cheeks

  • Krazykelso135

    Love her!!!!

  • brntoreign

    Hot!!! She looks healthy as in non-anorexic like most of the hollywood stars. Definitely a sexy girl. And man, look at those eyes…wow! :o)

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty, but lucy hale is hotter.

  • courtenay(:

    she’s pretty and all but her cheeks go realllyyy chubby when she smiles 0.o

  • Marine

    Her face is soooo strange Oo
    Who is she ?

  • Anonymous

    HHAAH she looks like she got her molars taken out which caused her cheeks to swell up

  • isabel

    I know. Her cheeks look big! Lucy hale is sooo much prettier.

  • cyn

    love her. hot hot hot.
    so shes a little thick. too many hollywood girls are the size of my pencil.
    its not bad for them though. if they are super thin she can be a little bigger.
    her eyes are gorgeous and shes still hot.

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  • Anonymous

    ashley newbrough is gorgeous my god she is beautiful like a goddess!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who is she?

  • Anonymous

    wow she is HOT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE her. She’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    not not not not
    not not not not

  • Anonymous

    holy crap, nice legs, gorgous eyes, amazing smile..and FINALLY a girl who doesnt look anorexic…so pretty!

  • helena

    she looks like amy lee to me

  • Vicki

    she was on radio free roscoe. :D

  • Anonymous

    such a natural gorgous person!

  • Anonymous

    her cheeks look adorable in this pic..they dont normally look that pinchable on privileged…i love her tho!! shes so pretty!

  • courtney

    she isnt pretty she is beeutiful!!!!!! i love her on privileged sage is my favorite!!! hot hot hot!!

  • Anonymous

    hot hot hot!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love how healthy she looks!! shes a friggin goddess!!..she kinda looks liek brooke sheilds…except WAY prettier! she should model for guess!

  • Anonymous

    i love ashley!!!…so hot!

  • Anonymous

    can you say…babe?

  • Anonymous

    jealous much she is a knockout!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sage baker form priviligers shes awesum!!!

  • emily

    she lived in my neighbrohood and her family still does! It’s so cool to see someone famous from Kitchner, Ontario!

  • Lauren [[LOVES JONAS]]

    shes not that pretty.

  • leeh

    well, she’s sage isnt?
    I think, rose (sorry, I dont now her name) most beautiful :D

  • Lori Hancock

    Ashley is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.

  • Anonymous

    You tell it like it is brntoreign!! I cannot believe some of you people out there. Here is a girl that is not only stunningly gorgeous but she is talented, ambitious, caring, generous and she’s Canadian! Need I say more.

  • anonymous

    Oh come on you jealous freaks –she’s gorgeous! I would love to see a picture of your face to critique your cheeks! on second thought -no thanks

  • Jessica17_4eva

    uhh not! ew! she is not a pretty girl at all

  • Kristen

    she’s super cute.
    even with chubby cheeks, she’s still adorable.

  • James

    She’s beautiful.

  • grace


  • Anonymous


  • alex

    she’s so gorgeous
    her cheeks make her smile extra cute =)

  • V

    WTF is wrong with her cheek?

  • Kate

    Absolutely HOT!!! She’s gorgeous!

  • ally

    not not not

  • Marina

    i loved her on radio free roscoe. i watched that show everyday… aww. now i miss it. lol

  • Anonymous

    Hooooottttt!!! Sooooo Beautiful!!!! Just Stunning!

  • anoyomflajlka!

    who is this? lol

  • Anonymous

    Pretty girl….natural beauty…not seen often in Hollywood.


    WOW, she is absolutly GORGEOUS!!! love her & the show!!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ok seriously, who?

  • Derek

    She’s got a gorgeous smile nd very beautiful, screw what the haters got to say. I will agree that her cheeks do get huge when she smiles but I like a girl with a healthy smile and yes her cheeks do look pinchable but I guess she gets that alot.