Chelsea Staub Twilight Premiere

JONAS starlet Chelsea Staub looked elegant in black at the LA premiere of Twilight at Mann Village Theater on Monday evening. Photo: Fame. +3! I’m basically going to post everyone relevant person at the premiere, so this may take a while! :]

  • Anonymous

    she is not really pretty but she’s got charm and a really beautiful outfit and her hair is great like it !!

  • Anonymous

    her hair is terrible…but she is pretty

  • Anonymous

    her and JOE would make a cute couple!!

    ps JOE IS SEXY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    omfg, chelsea staub has got to be one of the most beautiful girls on this planet. she doesn’t have one flaw about her.

  • dude

    If she would of lost the cardigan it would of looked nicer but she is so pretty

  • K

    she’s pretty :)

  • Ashlee :)

    She looks incredibly gorgeous :)
    I love her hair!

  • katie


  • Rawr, Its Emily

    I like her hair, and dress(:
    Shes really beauitful!

    [First i think.. lol]


  • Carmen

    i like her dress!
    what’s that hideous thing nesting in her head- oh wait… is that her hair?
    hmm, couldn’t tell

  • Shania

    She has the fattest cheeks.
    She’s pretty though.

  • Kristen

    she looks really pretty

  • Anonymous

    Hell no
    is ugly

  • Anonymous

    i don’t like her hair and dress

  • dee

    what happened to her haid, it looks like those christmas ribbons that you get

  • laura

    LOL that hair-do is SO outdated.
    dolly parton look alike

  • lupe

    ah! She looks really pretty (:
    i love the outfit and the
    little handbag thing looks cute!
    she’s the sweetest!!!!! <3

    glad she made the premiere on time.

  • Anonymous

    I loveee her!
    shes my hero :)
    shes so pretty god damn i want her shoes so badly and her hair haha!

  • ashleyjonas

    that dress looks really cheap..

  • anonymouse

    why were so many disney kids invited?

  • hannah

    she looks so pretty!

  • Samrah

    she does look really elegant.
    She looks pretty too.
    Dude EVERYONE was at this premiere.

  • Jane

    she’s really pretty, but i dont think it was the best pick for her

  • kristen

    i don’t know what you guys are talking about..i think her hair looks amazing. she just gone done filming a beauty pageant scene for J.O.N.A.S so that is why her hair is like that. i think you are just jealous because YOU don’t get to go to the twilight premire, work with the jobros, and are absolutely stunning (: i love chelsea. she’s the sweetest thing ever.

  • (:

    oooooh. very prety.

  • Maddie

    she always looks SO gorgeous. she’s also the nicest girl ever. i met her twice at the dc games, and one time she stood outside the hotel for over half an hour talking about my friend and i about everything! LOVEEEEE HER.

  • Anonymous

    Wow,nice girl, I like her. I just come back from lantern Carnival