Jonas Brothers Salvation Army Promo

  • Anonymous

    hahah cool.
    but the last line is improper.
    “you’ll be doing the most good.”

  • Anonymous


    you mean the BEST??? sheeshh english.

  • jiiim

    haha.. i’m sO sick Of them.. whatever!
    i wOuld Only dOnate sOme Of my mOney if they were naked haha

  • Anonymous

    That’s sounds exactly like something they WOULD do, except it probably would become a circus though.

    They volunteer their time for things ALL THE TIME.

    Nice to see them supporting charities. Such good guys they are.

  • Anthony

    Ahaha, it’s nice to see them pretend they actually care. Seems like you would want to keep the little bit of dignity this site still has and report of things that are actually worth it.

  • Dolda

    ROFL, they are used to moving their wrist like that, constantly jacking off the heads at disney to get jobs.

    How come Joe only has a bulge in his pants when he is performing or during a photoshoot? Either his brothers turn him on or he stuffs his pants.


  • Joanie

    The Jonas Brothers donate time and money to many many things. Don’t go trying to yank their chain like they don’t do anything good. These guys are amazing… never see everything they are involved in.They don’t feel the need to broadcast all of the good they do because that isn’t what you are supposed to do. So people get a life of your own and do something good….and stop bashing some really great guys.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOL. they look enthused…

  • Yvonne

    Kevin can ring by bell anytine ;)

  • Anonymous

    anyone else think its really random that they do an add for the salvation army now when they used to make fun of it.

    – on an interview when they were asked their favorite store they laughed answering salvos

  • icanfeelurheartbeat

    HOW many scrooges are there in the world
    anyway? I think I just witnessed some right
    on this very site. Why does anyone want to
    bash these guys or ANYONE for that matter of fact for reaching out to others who are less
    fortunate??? Is there anyone left in the world
    that still has a HEART? I guess NOT!

  • Lauren [[LOVES JONAS]]

    i love them
    and they have a good thing going for them
    so haters can shut up

  • Anonymous

    gosh, sometimes nick seems like hes in a bad attitude, and shows no emotion. it weird, and i hate it. but i love him at the same time.


    Did anyone else find this…

    urgh it was so scripted and just embarrasing

    woah they need to get learn how to put emotion into when they do scripted stuff


  • Steph

    I am a fan.

    But they only do this cause they have to. Those people get JB because they’re well-known now which attracts the audience to the advertisements.

    They’re really good guys though, always helping out :)

  • alexis

    wow, do you guys not realize what a good thing they are doing? I don’t get why you guys feel the need to constantly bash everyone. They are supporting a charity and all you can do is make fun of them? seriously, it makes me sick.

    you need to get a heart.

  • lol


  • you’re a dbag


    im sick of seeing them.

  • Anonymous

    i volunteer at salvation army 10 hours every saturdays.

  • Brittany

    love them

  • 27seconds

    YEAAAAH RIGHT! Like they would ever stand outside a grocery store and volunteer to ring that bell. Shoot, don’t be a hypocrite boys. Volunteer yourselves and set an example to all your fans. Come on Nick, Joe and Kevin stay true to your words this time and really do the things you promote!

  • Anabel

    The people who say they’re sick of seeing them. This goes to everyone who ever says that maybe you should stop searching them on the internet and watching so much television.

  • cyn

    aw thats great. everyone should volunteer.
    meaning nick joe and kevin should as well.
    which would never happen.

  • April Ilikekevinbest

    I love that they’re promoting this.
    There is another video that is part of this and oceanup didn’t post it, so I’m including the link…

  • minette

    they’re asking you to volunteer for a good cause and you start bashing them?

    JB is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I think that its great that they are promoting this cause. There is another video to go along with this one, but because oceanup tends to be such an epic fail they didnt include it, so I will post a link to it for them.