Miley Cyrus BRAND NEW SONGS ‘Hovering’ [Featuring brother Trace] and ‘Someday’ from Breakout Platinum Edition. Thanks AlexllMontana & Teresa.

  • jonass sucks

    these songs are amazing,i love hovering,someday is alright,shes talented

  • alexis

    hovering was amazing, although i was disappointed trace didnt sing more ]: and someday wasn’t that good…

  • Anonymous

    totally agree!! <3

  • Anonymous

    I love both songs! I already bought the platinum edition :D

  • Izabella

    omg, I LOVE someday!!
    and I think Hovering is really good too!! :D ?

  • Maddie

    i like hovering, but trace barely sings. he just screams and it sounds kinda out of place.

    i love someday though. it’s a fun song, and i like the carribean vibe.

  • Diana

    Love? Love ?both songs specially Someday, It does have an 80’s vibe, which is clever considering Hannah’s Style is kinda 80’s too in the show(her wardrove)

  • Anonymous

    i freakin love hovering.
    i havnt listened to someday yet so yeah

  • Anonymous


  • Love both of these!

  • gabriela?

    hoverings beat sounds like division from aly and aj the beat,why does she almost always take from other artist?

  • Shania

    She’s beautiful.

  • shelbie

    I love them both!!!!

  • thugline

    3rd :D

    she’s great

  • Linda

    Love them.

  • myliegh

    xD hovering is interesting.

  • joe jonas is a playaaa


  • rosemary cynthia

    stupid oceanup u already posted this

  • miley cyrus fan

    i love them! and miley!

  • Anonymous

    i was expecting hovering to be amazing
    but its really bad :(

  • hoverings beat sounds like division from aly and aj the beat,why does she almost always take from other artist?
    They rly dont sound the same!

  • Jamie

    I really like some of her music, but these both suck.

  • Amy

    i really like the songs(:
    “someday” has this awesome african/eighties feel to it :D
    like something from the lion king.
    but different :D

  • it’s me.

    I loved both :D

  • Ashley

    She sounds great in Someday. Her voice has really gotten better. Hovering is kinda weird but it is probably cuz im not used to hearing that kinda music from Miley. In the beginning of Someday she kinda sounds conceited but the song is still cute.

  • Me<3

    i really like hovering

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • Sam

    Hovering is REALLY good. Someday reminds me of the song, Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingstan. But then it sounds like it could be from the 80’s! Overall I like them both!


    i bought her album again platinum edition eventhought i had the first one i really wanted to hear both songs. i heard on my car and loved both of them i have put it on so many times because i loved the songs. i also wanted to get the dvd edition of her performance.
    i think she did a great job with both songs
    fantastic job miley every day you are amazing. i see you doing so many things and getting ahead with so much work that you motivate me to do the same and go after my dreams as well.

  • Anonymous

    i like someday better
    but theyre both good

    trace really is not good at singing
    he only got like one bit just saying you sed we’d make it through or wateva

    i love metro station though
    just sayin

  • it’s me.

    i was expecting hovering to be amazing
    but its really bad :(
    maybe you just didn’t got used to the song yet…
    sometimes that happens to me, like, I hear a song and say ‘oh, I didn’t liked it’ and than I listen one more time and I’m like ‘yeah, it’s kinda cool’ and then I hear it again and again and again, and I’m like addicted to the song x)
    but hmmm… I loved the new song :)
    especially hovering !

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE hovering, and someday is cute.

  • Hayley

    Wow,I really like both of these!

  • joez baybie! <3

    love the songz!

  • Anonymous

    I love them both! Miley just keeps getting better and better. =)

  • Anonymous

    loved them both!! of course coming from miley they had to be good!!