Miley Cyrus & John Travolta BOLT

Sexy Miley and Bolt costar John Travolta on ET. Thx Teresa!

  • it’s me

    well, I didn’t read twilight, but I’m totally gonna watch the movie, and I’m gonna watch bolt to, because I love animated movies, like finding nemo x)
    oh, and because miley’s voice is in it :D
    well, I love miley ^^
    I know you don’t, I’m ok with that.

  • it’s me

    miley’s laugh at 1:26 is so cute x)

  • Anonymous

    Hey miley,

    I love your show Hannah Montana. You are really good. I love the outfits you wear they are so cute. Sometimes i wish i could be on the show. I love your laugh. When did you start the Show?

  • Anonymous

    i love miley:)
    oow john travoltaaa

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    hmmmm, i wonder which movie will be the box office hit……





  • dani

    blah blee blee bloo. We get it, ur both the voices of fake ppl.

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    oh yay!!! oceanup has its posting thingy fixed!!!! and hey, i was first!!!! :D

    now answer the question people!!! :D


  • =]

    Lol cute interview =]

  • T

    It’s Miley! xD <3

  • Anonymous


  • lisaaa.

    TT – Twilight. hands down.

  • T

    I personally am more exited about Bolt because I’m not a big fan of serious movies, I like more funny. But definetly Twilight because EVERYONE was reading that book. But I think bolt will come in a strong second place because it draws in a whole diffrent audiance.

  • ANM

    I think that each will appeal to different audiences (way different). The question is will either take down Quantum of Solace?

    By the way, Bolt seems to be getting some good reviews. Some say that both adults and kids will like it (and take the Kleenex with you if you go).

  • Anonymous

    There is no comparison.

    Twilight is directed at tweens and teens, while Bolt is for kids.

    It’s not a competition. They are in thier own category.

    Anyway, she is adorable! So down to earth.

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    well yah, but ONE has to beat the other in the box office.

    and quantum of solace is #1 already… hmmm…. i wonder?????

    and personally, i hope and think that twilight will win!!! ;D

  • Anonymous


  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    haha!!!!! i love that high voice!!!!!!!! ah, the soup. XD

    haha, i’m gonna start saying that whenever someone mentions miley now!!!!!! jk, but it’s still funny!!!

  • sdfsfd

    Haha, cute!

    I’m thinking this weekend will be twilight-#1, bolt-#2.
    Possibly vice-versa, but I doubt it.

  • Anonymous


  • hailie

    twilight #1 for sure since theyre is such a huge audience dedicated to twilight before there was ever the idea for a movie. 3d movies are exctiting. im seeing both this weekend, twilight 1st thought! hmm, i really dont think quantum of silence will be compition to twilight, but i could be totally wrong. no matter who is #1 the box office will make a lot of money this weekend.

  • gaby

    deff TWILIGHT.

  • Eveling