Camilla Belle DITCHING Joe Jonas For Robert Pattinson ALREADY?

Is Joe Jonas feeling the repercussions of his heartbreaking break up with Taylor Swift? Camilla Belle was spotted with rumored ex-boyfriend Robert Patterson last month at an after party in addition to hanging out with him at the ‘Twilight’ premiere.

Camilla attended Twilight premiere in LA alone, but was seen hanging
with Robert throughout the night and at the movie’s afterparty. Joe recently broke up with Taylor Swift over a 27
second phone call.

He was photographed with Camilla in Mexico last week, but have no made a public appearance yet. A source told People, ‘They are not public about it but they’ve just been hanging out with their friends and Joe’s brothers. They are very private about it.’

Maybe Joe and Camilla are just dating multiple people at
the same time? The picture of Camilla and Rob is from July.

  • lisaaa

    sigh. camilla was never dating rob, if anything she was dating his best friend, but they are good friends now.

    joe and her are mostly likely together. all the sightings, People magazine outting them, taylor outting them. i mean c’mon – don’t be one of those i-won’t-believe-till-they-break-up fans. look where thats gotten us.

    they’re together; him and his manhoein self.

  • ChrisMatthew

    WOW! you’re all crazy Camilla is completely gorgeous an the dude robert is retarded lookin.

  • anonymous

    yo you all suck! all those girls dying over joe & rob when their both retarded lookin, come on cause they have money you wanna spend all day lookin at him? Camilla is slammin & fuckin beautiful so everyone stop hatin!

  • booga-booga

    does anyone else think that camilla is too slutty for joe? because i sure do.

  • Anonymous

    personally i think everyone loves him because he plays as Edward Cullen and everyone whose read Twilight pretty much sees Edward as the PERFECT man so obviously everyone is going to have it fixated in their minds that Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen

  • Anonymous

    hahaha! i know! when i heard that Camilla was either dating Robert or Joe i was like F*CK I’D KILL TO BE THIS WOMAN!

  • ke ke

    i hope so! then hel no how taylor feels!!

  • Twihard

    Poor Rob..Stuck With That Girl! Ugh…Its Just Not Right. Gergouness (Rob) and Ugly. (Camila) or how ever the hell you speel her name!

  • Yvonne

    I called this one this morning to my friend that Ocean could not let Kevin have this day and would make sure they put a Joe story up. I guess she owes me a $20

  • Anonymous

    I hope she ditches his womanizing ass. She deserves better.

  • hailie

    i find it hard to believe that rob would date his best friends exgirlfriend. i dont know, i may be completly wrong, and they may not be friends any more, but thats pretty low. im sure theyre friends from her being with his best friend. plus, im still convinced rob is holding out for kristen haha. i was just reading an article in entertainemt weekly that said on the set rob was always asking kristen to marry him lol.

  • bleu

    she’s too mature for joe and is it just me or is robert pattinson drunk? just look at him…

  • hailie

    thats definetly rob.

  • Shania

    Camilla doesn’t deserve any of those boys.
    Joe’s like a kid, and Robert is just plain ugly.

  • theRIGHT


    that is a really disgusting photo of camilla.
    like omg how slutty.

    but i love her acting she’s amazing.

    and joe is AMAZING.

    EVERBODY deserves someone special so STFU mean people.

    idk who the crap that rob guy is, in my opinion he looks ugly and faggy, but im not gunna judge him by HOW HE LOOKS, he might be a good actor or watev he is..

    just, gosh youu mean people annoy me.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is dating camille
    because even taylor said they are dating
    and if it wasn’t true she would have
    probably cleared up which she hasn’t so it
    seems it is true(:
    I don’t really care who or what he is dating
    but its super interesting to hear all these rumors and gossip because sometimes
    middle school gets a little bit non-drama free

  • niley<3

    she frieends with him.
    they’ve been for a while.

  • Natx3′

    Karma’s a bitch joe ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Nicole

    Robert always looks like that. XD He looks like he crawled out of Robert Pattinson’s seedy opium den of doom, amirite? Yeah, I’m right.

  • holly

    i just wish she’d do something about her eyebrows.

  • Mrs Joe Jonas!

    Camilla sooooo does not match Joe Jonas!!! Joe Jonas is only 19 and Camilla is like 30 or 40! Joe has much better taste then that…Camilla should date Rob because there are so many other young hot girls out there for sexy Joe Jonas!!!

  • Kate

    blah blah blah blah blah…who the fu*k cares?!

    Let them date, fu*ck, be friends with whoever. It’s just sad that you guys pay so much attention and energy into this.

    And it is even sadder that I’m replying to this bullsh*t too. Oh where have my life gone? :(

  • omi

    dude, she’s dating rob’s best friend…oceanup, get your facts right!!

  • Jonas Fan Forever

    I really don’t think her and Joe are dateing i think he is dateing someone else I just don’t know who or mabey he is single IDK.

  • getoverit!

    can u guys just stop this “27 sec phone call” thingy cuz did u guys not read the blog or anything? u guys make it sound like taylor is an innocent angel! u make it sound that if celeberites break up then someone always hasta b a jerk- people break up all the time! BIG DEAL! MOVE ON!

  • mrsjoejonas

    rob and camilla are definatly just friends

  • lesley

    this is ridiculous!!
    i had a good thought about joe but now..i don’t know what to think
    definitely him not decide with whom he wants to stay!it is ending with his reputation !i’m sorry but.. that girl (camilla) is not good to joe!!

  • lmfao.

    i can’t look at her without thinking of 10,000 BC. XD

  • Anonymous

    okay, i just LOLed.
    That’s fucking hilarious.
    I bet if this is true, he called TayTay up and said “Yo rebound, You.Me.AMA’s. Be there.”

  • Nicole

    Kevin won this one for sure though. Being one of the sexiest men alive VS. your girlfriend maybe left you? Yeah, even oceanup can’t take this one away from Kevin. Either way, we have to have our daily Joe Jonas dating report. Nobody’s getting sick of those at all. *sarcasm*

    To other people: Taylor already said Joe is/was dating Camilla so THAT is why people think that. This is like when Aly and Mitchel talked about Niley breaking up in January and everybody denied it. I think Taylor, of all people, would know.

  • Nicole

    IMO, he was hotter as Cedric Diggory than he is in the Twilight clips I’ve seen, so that’s pretty much hilarious. Silly fangirls.

  • Cheyenne

    camilla is really pretty and she IS with joe jonas not with that other lame dude she should be with joe they are great together it may not seem like they are together cuz they are not making it public but they ARE together

  • Cheyenne

    and shes not sluty or anything! shes a model and she does that for MODELING! shes a good girl

  • JJsGirl0676

    And you know this Cheyenne for a fact because you personally know these guys? Right and I’m a girlfriend to Hue Hefner. Really, Cheyenne, you are going by gossip and assuming this.

    I also heard she was with Tom from a friend of mine who is just a fan of JB. But, anyways, she heard it on TV.

  • katie

    camilla belle is a babe. she deserves robert, NOT joe.

  • ya know.

    yeaa hmm and then theres the whole drop one girl one day and pick a new one up the next. yeaa not gonna fly so well with some. and yea phone still sucks. id hang up on him too.

  • Anonymous

    WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT JOE AND HIS FUCKING GIRLFRIENDS? im sick and tired of this shit . hes hella annoying. i really dont care about him. every day its all about the jonas brothers and hella girls praising over them. well, gimme a break. they’re just ordinary people. whats so great about them anywy? their singing sucks and it just sounds really odd. joe is always moving on from gf to gf. why do we all care so much? it just makes me sick and annoying. but hey im entitled to my own opinion .

  • alex bb

    id dump him for rob in a second.
    camilla, brain up.

  • angela

    oceanup is stupid beyond stupid
    camilla is good friends with robert pattinsons best friend tom sturridge
    the pic with rob pattinson in the car is a year old
    she is going out with joe jonas now
    and camilla is just friends with tom and robert

  • Anonymous

    If Rob has been dating her, he by damned can do better. No, i ain’t one of those fans who doesn’t like the gf’s.
    Its just that Camille seems like bitch to me.
    & Rob is gorgeous, sweet, loving person.
    But who wouldn’t want that?

  • joanna

    camilla, rob and tom are GOOD/BEST friends.

  • tt

    she looks like she is 30 and he is 20 something verry wrong…

  • asdfghjk;

    the funniest thing
    is that I can imagine that
    I meann WOW
    your good(:

  • Erica

    It’s really ridiculous for people to assume that two people are dating just because they get a couple of photos of them together. Heavon forbid that a guy and a girl should be at the same place at the same time on purpose! (Sarcasm)
    She’s probably not dating either of them. Well, maybe Robert, they’re the same age. She *is* 3 years older than Joe. I guess it’s not too much of a stretch, but at this age, I think it is.

  • kristen

    shes a very beatiful girl but shes not dating Rob. They are just really close friends..and first of all Rob is single. She may not even be dating Joe. All of sudden people cant hang out with their friends without being accused of dating them

  • Alexandra

    She reminds me of the younger version of Brooke Shields!

  • Anonymous

    that pic is soooooo like VERY old.. that was when Joe and Camilla didn’t even knew each other…!!
    Now the rumor of Joe is going around.
    Can’t someone just be friends with someone without rumors starting? My god, really guys is like me and my BFF Heath… we’re not dating and we’re always together… so..


  • Anonymous

    I tend to think they may never have been dating and the press and blogs just ran with rumors since she was photographed hanging out in Mexico with the family.

    They could all be friends since they just worked with them. Everyone always wants to rumor about Joe and his love life.

    I know we love him and are fascinated by every facet of his sweet existence, but these rumors are insane.

    So while I think it was probably all rumor…. even if it wasn’t and they did date a bit, (A) perhaps they still are but not exclusively, (B) maybe she was supporting her ex or friend (Rob) as a friend when photographed and attending the premiere, or (C) they dated and have moved on–again that’s what teen dating life is about: meeting and dating, and learning to love.

    Whatever. Here I am speculating too, and we should probably just leave our Mr. Joseph Adam to his personal life in private and just speculate on how gorgeous and talented he is!!!!

  • Alyson

    joe and nick and rob are all crushin on her
    that girl is lucky

  • Anonymous

    idiot. robert pattinson is single. she was supposedly dating his best friend.

  • Anonymous

    yeah thats old i hope you know

  • Makii

    They are just close friends, that’s it.
    Her and Rob.

  • anonymous

    that pic is soooooo like VERY old.. that was when Joe and Camilla didn’t even knew each other…!!
    Now the rumor of Joe is going around.
    Can’t someone just be friends with someone without rumors starting? My god, really guys is like me and my BFF Heath… we’re not dating and we’re always together… so..


  • Anonymous

    Joe Jonas is the hottest guy ever! I would rather date him than anybody, but I’ll never be so lucky.




  • Morgan

    I don’t think that she is is dating him exclusively if she is at all. I really think we should leave this relationship alone though. As long as Joe is happy right?

    And Camilla is gorgeous. Stop saying she is ugly just because you are jealous of who she gets to date. Heck, I’m jealous.. but there is no need to hate on her!


  • vivian!

    ist yay!!! ew shes UGLY

  • jenn


  • vivian!


  • Anonymous


  • Lauren


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • whatev

    or maybe Joe and Camilla are JUST FRIENDS.

    why can’t anyone ever just believe that?!

  • desirae

    i dont even think shes that pretty?

  • haha

    uhh joe ‘gaytightpants’ jonas or rob ‘fuckingsexy’ pattinson?…. im gonna have to go with robb

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    I was reading my seventeen magazine the other day and there was a ad for vera Wang princess perfume and when I looked closer at the side it said camilla belle LOL I didnt know that was her!!

  • emma

    okay…. Hmm.. just because they are seen togeather, dont mean they are dating.
    i dout she is dating Joe. Maybe Rob, be aint Camilla dating Robs best friend?
    so, yeah…
    w/e robs amazing.
    joe sucks
    and camilla is ugly

  • Brittany

    ooooor maybe rob and camilla are friends!
    oh my gosh that is amazing..people being friends.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous and really sweet

    but I guess she’s too mature to joe

  • Anonymous


  • Vanecia :)

    I’m like soo jealous. she was with joe and now rob??



    If Camilla & Joe are ‘close friends’ then boy must that be awkward seeing as he has a major crush on her, so does Nick… adds to the awkwardness.

    Rob Pattinsons better in my opinion, at least we can guarentee hes straight.

  • Anonymous

    seriously. this woman is living my dreams

  • Anonymous

    She never dated Rob. She’s REALLY good friends with him.
    She dated his best friend and up until Joe, no one knew if they were still together or not. Now the rumor of Joe is going around.
    Can’t someone just be friends with someone without rumors starting? My god.


    Is it me or does Joe Jonas have a really weird figure?

    Hes got a hot face, but he has the body of a 12 year old… with chest hair :S
    Its bizarre

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’re all JUST FRIENDS?
    Robert and Camilla…just friends?
    Joe and Camilla…just friends?

    Wow, people can be FRIENDS?
    Well I’ll be damned, imagine that.

  • RR

    uhh joe ‘gaytightpants’ jonas or rob ‘fuckingsexy’ pattinson?…. im gonna have to go with robb
    i feel ya.

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp, don’t even start with the ‘multiple relationships’ act, please. Sooner or later that rumor will probably spread for those who are gullable enough to believe such a thing. I don’t believe Joe and Camillia are dating. Maybe they’re just friends. Maybe her and Robert are just friends. Can we stop dwelling on other people’s private relationships and keep our big mouths and butts out of this!? LOL, goodness. And Psshhhh…. “A source told People” I thought sources usually meant articles were fake? ….

  • Sara

    EWWWW. CREEP. And U kno’ what! I couldn’t give less a fuck about Joe Jonas. He’s an Ass and he deserves to be Assed around by sum bitch. Aight? I’d feel so bad if he wasn’t such an ass. But since he IS. And I’m pissed then he DESERVES this. >:|

  • Anonymous

    old pictas, nigga.

    come on oceanup. post something accurate for once.

  • Anonymous

    omg rob, my baby
    you can do so much better.

    you too joseph.



    seriously. this woman is living my dreams


    Lol i know, She has the choice of Rob or Joe.. how f*cking lucky!

    Id choice both = Polygamy all the way.

  • danielle

    they are not together, Rob is single, and just friends with camilla.
    she used to date tom sturridge who is really good friends with rob!

  • JubBrazil

    shes gorgeus!!!…AND SHES BRAZILIAN!!!…THATS SO NICE!

  • >>>>>>>>>>>> LEOPARD PRINT RIBBON

    Is it me or does Joe Jonas have a really weird figure?

    Hes got a hot face, but he has the body of a 12 year old… with chest hair :S
    Its bizarre

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  • Anonymous

    tom sturridge is h-o-t…hot!

    go back to him camilla

  • T

    God I hope she did.

  • Nicole

    Every single time (with the exception of Brenda Song) that OceanUP posts something like this, all of you are like, “This is so not true. They’re just friends. They won’t start dating. That’s stupid. Only an idiot would believe this.” And every single time this ends up being true. You would think you would learn after the fiftieth time.

    This is what happens when you choose hoes over bros, Joseeeeeeeeeeph.

  • Anonymous

    Rob looks like dirrrrrrt

  • Kelsey.

    Camilla is too shy for Joe.
    He’s always around girls and guys
    that are more like his personality.
    But, i thought Taylor and Joe were
    an awkward couple at first.
    Then I grew to love her.
    I personally think Joe and Camilla
    are just friends.
    They CAN have girls that are
    just friends.
    If they couldn’t..then
    That would mean I’m dating 37 guys
    right now.
    People need to drop the rumor mill
    just so their page gets more views.
    Fail Oceanup.

  • Yvonne

    Nicole–LOL! That comment made my day sweetie

  • Anonymous

    Even though I don’t want them together, just because she is alone at a premiere doesn’t mean that her and Joe are done, even if they aren’t dating. And she can hang out with her ex. Its just like the boys say, “We’re seen with somebody and automatically we’re dating.”

  • heheh

    i hate her soooo much.
    freaking think for yourselfer !!!!!!!!!
    she looks like a guy !

  • Kristen

    because a girl cant be friends with a guy unless they’re dating or anything…

  • Anonymous

    shes ugly as fuck, and im not saying that beacuse im ‘jealous shes dating joe’ or whatever. because i personally dont think joe is all that hott.

  • welll,,,,

    omg! who cares about their personal lives! just leave them alone, please! and btw, oceanup – you are just spreading these rumors by yourself by posting people hangin out together and blah blah blah. omg.

  • maria


  • Lexi

    Shes actually been rumored to be dating
    Rob’s bestfriend.
    i heard it on the radio.

  • brazilian






  • Annabella

    Whatever, I hope Joe is just happy (period).

  • Anonymous

    uhh, wow.
    honestly, if camilla really is dating
    joe, she’s too mature and quiet
    and shy for him. if she really is like
    that. but it just appears like she is.
    but i don’t think any of us will ever
    know, unless they come out and
    say the truth. so everyone, just
    stop assuming what it is and just
    let it go. because if you say some
    thing and it might end up being
    wrong anyways.

  • MGirl


  • hailie

    i could see her with rpattz more than joe, but really i see rob with someone more like kristen. somone that is kind of different haha. like kristen takes acting so seriously and doesnt really care what people think and it seems like rob is that way too. camilla belle is just every where these days those isnt she? shes pretty sometimes, but sometimes shes not, so i guess wel’ll see what happens with everyone.

  • azdance5678

    Rob looks drunk in every picture he is in. I swear I don’t know how people think he’s good looking when he just looks wasted half the time.

  • (:

    that doesnt even look like robert! i dont think he ever had a gotee or whatever.

  • Nicole

    considering the rpatz picture is like eons old. So if they started dating recently why would a picture from JULY make it obvious that shes dating rob.

    Well, Oceanup, I would like to congratulate you on a FAIL. well done well done.

  • Anonymous

    i seriosuly dont care who joe dates as long as he’s HAPPY!!

    LOVE U JOE!!!!!