Chace Crawford Does Ellen Nov. 18

Chace Crawford

told Ellen DeGeneres that he used to work as a valet in Malibu where he parked Jessica Simpson‘s car and stole gum from customers.


    HOT, and the british arent like that… i live in london and i would ATTACK him with kisses

  • Anonymous

    At least Chace has personality … Cannot say the same for his character, Nate.

  • Anonymous

    awww hes SO hot

  • lalala

    ahhhh i love chace crawford!
    i met him when him and the cast came down to long island to film the beginning of the 2nd season. i also met blake lively, it was so cool

  • Anonymous

    my sister went to school with him right before he went on gossip girl… except nobody noticed him then

  • Marissa

    “Take a nap in the back seat, you know…”

  • cyn

    oh hes so funny. he seemed nervous though.
    i take gum from people too x]

  • :)

    he. is. fucking. sexy. end of story(: