Jesse McCartney Dating Danielle Panabaker, Date Night At Foxtail

Jesse McCartney has finally moved on.. to Danielle Panabaker! He was spotted leaving Foxtail nightclub in West LA holding his new love’s hand very tightly. Cute. Photo: Fame. +5 under!


    okay no.
    jesse is mine. yeah they are cute and all but she doesnt deserve him! what isnt she like 16? or something?

    more like 21…

  • Emma

    awwwwwwwwwww so cute

  • typical

    i wish people would stop commenting on what he looks like.
    it really irks me to know end.

    i also wish someone would redefine “tight” because that doesn’t look like they’re tightly holding hands.
    like, it’s not even like they’re holding hands at all.

    i’m sorry jesse, you know i love you, but danielle?
    i wish you were back with katie.
    instead of making shoutouts to her your new music video.

  • jackie weiler

    I LOVE HIM hate her

  • typical

    through your new music video*

  • leah

    him and aubrey o’day were the new couple what 3 months ago? hes holding her hand with a cell phone in his and walking 3 feet ahead of her? couple id say no its more im grabbing your hand and were moving quick.

  • jonasfreak

    im not really a jesse fan but hes pretty hot, just not in these pics, and WAY to good for her, shes really ugly

  • louise

    ah, I remember her :)
    She’s cool, i guess..

  • Sara

    ew. he’s gettin’ uglier by da minute. :S luv her!!


    Lol so true..

  • tish

    thats pretty cool

  • jasmin

    wow, without any make up on, he looks ugly!
    and i don’t like panabaker. but whatevs

  • abcd

    youuu guys arent very nice,
    hes only human, we all get pimples.

  • (:

    whats wrong with his face? and it looks like they arent even holding hands. it looks like hes really holding his phone and trying to look for her hand.

  • alana.

    oh yeah. they were cute when they were a couple when she guested on summerland.


    They are an odd couple. Jesse has gotten uglier with age. He used to be soooo hot, like in his “Beautiful Soul” days. Hahh.


    Hes got the skin of an old man!
    Its all wrinkly and dry,
    i swear hes like 20?! he should get some moisturiser on that…


    They are an odd couple. Jesse has gotten uglier with age. He used to be soooo hot, like in his “Beautiful Soul” days. Hahh.

  • Kayla

    looks like the acne is coming back again. :[

  • Lynne

    Aww, I absolutley love the Panabakers. They are very intellegent and I think that Danielle will be great for Jesse. They look so cute and they def. had alot of chemistry for the little time that Danielle appeared on Summerland with him. I really hope there is something more going on between them!

    And people, please, could you stop worrying about what he looks like? Who the hell cares if he has a little rash on his skin or zits on his face? Like you never had that before in your life. Come on, he’s human like you and me. He’s not perfect.

  • leesh_9_lizzy

    2 of them?
    cant imagine..
    danielle is cute.
    jesse handsome..
    she’s better than katie and aubrey…
    hate them love jesse!!


  • Kayla

    i wish him and katie would get back together though!

  • lea.mkr

    this is unexpected.
    but there cute:)

    i feel really bad for jesse, his skin is horrible, i know he cant help it, but its really bad and noticeable..

    its okay.

  • natalie

    in the second season, danielle guest starred on a few episodes playing jesse’s love interest

    they’re perfect for each other

  • Jessica(:

    well… i dont like her that much..but she’s i guess it’s okayy..whatever i’m stlii loving Jesse!!

  • DebbyItalyy

    Uhh so cute together!!!=)

  • Armani

    Jesse its called Proactiv

    get some..

  • love her hate him!

  • Anonymous

    Awe :D

  • !!!

    I Love Her and Hate Him!!


  • Lena

    ah, I remember her :)
    She’s cool, i guess..

  • lisaaa

    funny that he worked with kay on summerland (loved that show) and now hes with danielle. ha.

  • natalie

    lemme talk to ya, lemme buy you a drank
    I ain’t T-Pain but you know me.

    He’s sexy. I never thought so, at first.
    But he has grown up nicely. & boy has a sexy voice.

  • lalal


    even that i don’t care why are u people fighting for being first!
    Dude that is weird !:P

  • Anonymous

    He’s a fag

  • Ashleigh

    Aww, they were so cute on Summerland together, too. Kudos, you two.

  • BREE


  • princess

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww..i think he can do much better

  • Anonymous

    whoa, he looks fucking scary in that last pic. his skin is horrendous!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, they were so cute on Summerland together, too. Kudos, you two.
    Uh, that wasn’t Daniella on Summerland. That was Kay, her sister. :|

  • Niny

    oh wow i never thought this day would come. DANI???? are you serious??!! it’s weird. but i love her and i love jesse so im good…i think? :/

  • Anonymous

    Danielle* whoops

  • Kristen

    they’re cute. [:

  • Prabhjot

    i support him with whoever he dates. and who doesn’t get acne once and a while?

  • lizzie

    They look like a cute couple. But it looks like he might have had too much to drink with his face being that red. IDK

  • cyn

    aw thats cute. i like them both

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous. love her.
    poor guy has skin issues though. oh well, he’s cute and a great musician so props to both of them!

  • jadie

    okay no.
    jesse is mine. yeah they are cute and all but she doesnt deserve him! what isnt she like 16? or something?

  • Anonymous

    Aww, they were so cute on Summerland together, too. Kudos, you two.
    Uh, that wasn’t Daniella on Summerland. That was Kay, her sister. :|
    no there was a episode where danielle was in it and they dated. and she tried to get him to choose like a college or something.

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  • jana

    awh, that’s adorable :)
    great couple!
    see?! why can THEY share their love? and everyone else hides it?
    it makes us more mad when we KNOW we’re being lied to.
    ugh, makes me mad.

    best of luck :)

  • danielle

    I’ve loved that boy since 03….

  • Anonymous

    I liked Jesse better b4 he dated Katie Cassidy and b4 he thought that he was all cool. He was so much more down to earth.

  • Anonymous

    all i saw was ACNE !
    lmfao jk jk jk jk jk :)
    but they’re cute together,
    i guess ?

  • :)

    Why does no one seem to remember that Danielle Panabaker dated him on Summerland? everyone always says “no, her sister kay was on there.” Well yeah she was, but they didn’t play sisters on the show. I never watched the whole series, but the season I watched Kay was dating Zac Efron and Danielle had a thing with Jesse, she was his best friends sister that came and visited or somthing…go look it up :) Sarah Paxton came on and dated him for a few episodes too, but she was a druggie on the show. hahah
    anyways they’re cue together! (:

  • whatever u want it to be

    whats wrong with his face?

  • addy

    It’s not fair to make fun of someone for what they look like..for the most part..they cant really do anything about it..and maybe you are really talented and might end up on this sight one day..would you like someone making fun of the way you look?
    AND IF YOU DO END UP ON HERE and someone makes fun of you..
    ILL PROTECT YOU TOO! hahahaha :)

  • aaron

    his ugly!!!she’s pretty

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  • Anonymous

    They were on summerland together, she had a role for a couple of episodes and they played a couple as welllll. go to IMDb. Its there, I promiseeeeeee.
    And they’re extremely cute together.
    butttt what happened to his face loll

  • V

    She’s lucky
    I <3 jmac

  • Sara

    ew. he’s gettin’ uglier by da minute. :S luv her!!

  • bri

    thats not acne you guys its a skin rashh

  • Anonymous

    is his face covered in acne?
    he looks hotter last time

  • joez baybie! <3

    oh wow like hould are they anii waii??

  • blahhhhh

    ew hes gotten so ugly. what happened to this jesse:

  • haileyy

    what’s wrong with his face?
    it looks all red and blotchy…

  • hailie

    that doesnt even look like acne to me, its like a rash. this is wierd to me, she seems a lot yougner, but whatever works :)

  • Anonymous

    No hes supposed to date taylor swift lol

    he has horrible acne my friend was visiting her sister at UCLA and he was at some party i guess it’s HORRIBLE

  • ghjghjghj

    what happen to his face…is it like shingles?

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