Losers Cody Linley And Julianne Hough Do Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dancing With The Stars losers Cody Linley and Julianne Hough do Jimmy Kimmel Live. Are you happy or mad that Cody was booted from the show?

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    mad? try pissed. i LOVED them!!!!! >:(

    stupid judges. >:p

  • h.e.a.t.h.e.r.

    i was sooo sad when cody was voted off, but i was expecting it b/c the others were extremely good. cody did so well and lasted so much longer than i thought he would. im so happy that he had this experience and i loved watching him week after week in all those hot outfits lol

  • Anonymous

    Im not mad or happy, I’m really sad:( I was hoping he would win:) I think he did great in all his dances and I’m sure that I along with other fan’s have seen another side of him:)

  • Anonymous

    I was so hoping it would be between Cody/Julianne and her brother and Brooke. They shouldn’t have been voted off yet imo.

  • Anonymous

    wtf I wanted him to win.

  • Hayley Hochstettler


    lol, kidding. He did a phenomenal job. He should’ve won but despite it, he proved himself by doing this.

  • Mel

    im happy they lost, he got so much attention he literally turned into a “diva”.

  • ndjalkmda

    i LOVE him and i think its said he got voted off 2 days before his birthday

  • Jessica(:

    and why are you calling them LOSERS?

    i love theeemm!!

  • hailie

    hellllll yeah im sad…

  • Emma

    I heard he was a big, whiny diva. And not only from oceanup.com, but others too. And after seeing this video, I would believe it! I never liked him that much.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*



  • Anonymous

    WTF? he should have won

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  • abby

    “When i found out julianne was my partner i called my brotherts and was like hellllll yeaaa!”

    hahah hes cute.

  • Sara

    I didn’t even kno’ he was out. xD but i love him! They say he’s a Diva. But IDC. He actually does look like a Diva tho. xD

  • danielle

    he’s cute but deffintaly not a Jonas brother…
    And don’t look like nick Jonas AT ALL!!

  • Anonymous

    i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad…I almost started to cry I wanted him to win so bad!!!!! I was very suprised that he made it this far!!! I thought that he had a good chance of winning before Lance & Lacey became so good….oh well he seems to be in a very good mood about it all!!! Yeah on the Jimmy Kimmel live show he was in a really good mood! I can’t wait to see what other “disney channel” star is going to be on next season…Sabrina Bryan was on a few seasons ago & now Cody. omg wouldn’t it be cool if like one of the hsm stars was on dwts season 8???? I still am super sad that he didn’t win!!!