Big haired Canadian ‘90210’ star Shenae Grimes was spotted
all over LA on Tuesday night. Nae and costar Jessica Stroup were hounded outside of Chateau Marmont in Hollywood before they attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards.

Earlier that night, bundled up Nae, hit up STK restaurant with a friend! Photo: Fame. +6 under of Canadian beauty Shenae!

  • Nouuuu

    I like her she seems really nice !!!
    Doesn’t she looks like Ashley Tisdale?


    They are besties on and off the show. Hahh


    these chicks are hot

  • katelyn

    shes ok

  • Nina M

    Ugh Shes not mean in person..shes super sweet

    yeah go canadians!!

    and i also love jessica

    they’re both really pretty

  • Shania


  • cyn

    i really dont like her.
    her teeth are super square.

  • Anonymous

    i really dont like her.
    her teeth are super square.


    lol like chiclets?

  • Anonymous

    jessica stroup is GORGEOUS. but they both need to gain more weight.

  • Jewell

    she’s pretty

  • Anonymous

    loves it

  • aaaaaa

    i loved jessica stroup in reaper, she looked super pretty!

  • cyn

    i really dont like her.
    her teeth are super square.


    lol like chiclets?


    yess and when she talks she makes way too many hand gestures and facial expressions.
    i try not to hate on people but for some reason she really irritates me
    I love the girl who plays Silver though!

  • Anonymous

    i like her better on degrassi.
    she really annoys me now, she seems like really mean.

  • Sarah

    They are soo freak’n skinny
    im jelous
    p.s love the show,
    silvers pretty

  • Ally



  • Emma

    I agree when people say they need to gain wait! Even thought being skinny is “in” being too skinny is just ugly. But Jessica is superrrr pretty!

  • katie

    loove 90210, and all of them <3333

  • Anonymous

    every girl on 90210 is either an ana or mia.

  • Anonymous

    I love the girls of 90210…they’re all prettie!!

  • Kristen

    i love the show.
    but i feel like jessica stroup looks older in these pictures than normal.
    i mean obviously they have to make her look younger on the show, but still.

  • marissa

    i love the show and them.
    and nae is not annoying. i love her.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I forgot, she is Canadian.