Twilight The Soup RPattz On Seacrest

Twilight mania has gripped the nation. We got an exclusive bonus trailer that shows off some of the tween stars that are making all the girls out there scream their heads off!
Check out Robert Patterson’s Ryan Seacrest interview under! Thx Ashleigh.

  • s2rob

    his name is robert PATTINSON
    you guys kee getting it wrong ! uuuugh

    he’s awesome

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Oh I love me some Chuck Bass :)

  • Anonymous

    gossip girl & twilight = obsession!!!

  • Shania

    twilight characters suck.

  • DemiOwnsMiley

    i love the soup :)

  • Anonymous


  • jsfdjsa

    hhaha i love twilight

  • vhrisidjs

    love him.

  • wowzers

    I love the soup & ed westwick:)

  • british is the shizzle

    he sure loves that hat or whatever-you-call-it thing :]

    when did e and camillia belle break up?!?!
    sucks for her. haha

  • amanda

    did he call kristens boyfriend a tool?! that’s so awesome if he did

  • Celeigha


  • emmmmmmma (:

    i love when he goes…
    umm well, ummm, yeah.
    lmao, hes so cute :)

  • Makii

    Ahhh, Rob =].

    Twilight is awesomeee <3321.

  • Jessica

    I love twilight!!!

  • ashleyCCCC

    ryan is krazzayyy!
    cant wait til twilight!
    love ya rob bka edward!!

  • sanah

    hahah he looks so cute in the last one laughing. he said her bf was into it. not a tool. that wouldve been funny though. i’m soo excited!

  • asdfasd

    i love chuck bass haha! he should be the voice of edward. haha
    i love roberthough too.
    ED AND ROB!!
    ed westwicks voice should be edwards voice cause its velvety. =] just like how edwards is suppossed to sound

  • dani

    Omg perfect vid.
    I am in love with Ed and Rob.=British beauties

  • Anonymous

    hahaha he’s too funny..and his giggles make ya just wanna smile :]

  • Georga

    his voice is sooooooooo hot!