Blake Lively Cuddles Puppy Penny

Blake Lively battled the frigid New York City weather by holding her puppy Penny close in between takes on the Gossip Girl set. Connor Paolo & Nicole Fiscella meandered by. Photo: Fame. 7+

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  • lol

    ** Its a minature toy poodle

    ** and duh people of course she has to hand it over to assistants, she has to act on screen and she can’t exactally do it holding penny…and she probably wants to keep her safe and warm with people !

  • Jordy


  • Ariela

    how cute is he?

  • Kayla.

    get a real dog, not a rat.

  • Shania


  • olivia


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  • gremlinmeow


    Penny’s adorableeee.

  • Daniella

    what a cute puppy, it looks like a teddy bear…is it named after Penn?

  • Cassie J

    The thing i find funny about celebrities and their dogs are that the go in somewhere with them, just long enought to get some pics and then they hand them off to some assisstant who has to deal with it. Look at any celbrity anywhere they all do it LOL

  • Anonymous

    aww her dog is cute:)
    and so is connor paolo<3

  • Anonymous

    that dog has demon eyes!!!

  • Anonymous

    this post needs more leighton.

  • yjttyj

    awwe :3

  • Anabel

    Aw tht dog’s so cute:]

  • gfssssss

    plucked eyebrows much? love you connor & i know your supposed to be gay but OMFG those are alttile too much. i love edwestwick =]

  • Anonymous

    aww. well my friends sister has a boyfriend who’s dad works on the set of gossip girl and he said that blake hands off the dog to an assistant!

  • gibsonki
  • Salamander

    Ohh, yeah, she is very cute. Do you know what breed is the puppy?..
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  • Anonymous

    I’m more of a big dog kind of guy – American Bulldog is perfect size.

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  • katie

    so adorable.

  • someone <3

    what kind of dog is it?

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  • jmankill
  • Macaaa..! <3

    aw… so cutee!
    i love her.. and chace.. and gossip girl =D

  • Nopert

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  • nono

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  • Carl

    Very cute, I have a little yorkshire terrie, looks something similar with more hair.

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  • Anonymous

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