Justin Gaston Chose Miley’s New Man

Demanding diva Justin Gaston actually handpicked the man who played Miley Cyrus‘ love interest in her new ‘Fly On The Wall’ music video.

According to E! Online, Justin squealed excitedly, ‘That’s him!’ when he saw the model he liked the most. The source spilled, ‘Justin wanted to pick a guy that looked the most like him. That was his only criterion.’

  • Maca

    he is fucking hot..! <3

  • Anonymous

    oh please stop beeing such a pathetic looser, If you hate her don’t bother reading about her. You are one of thoose haters that remind me of the nazi regim and most of all about a german guy with a mustache that lived for 70-62 years ago. and stop posting fake articles with fake sources.

  • Me`

    that made my day.

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla

    justin, baby, forget miley, come play my love interest ;]

  • nicolebby

    hah wow

  • nicolebby

    haha, wow.
    no comment.

  • Anonymous

    when i first saw the guy i thought it actually looked like him

  • desireee.

    miley must like the “damanding” type.
    aha. whatever.
    i like miley, (: & i’m excited to see the video.

  • nicolebby

    woah i was 1st.
    that was a 1st ;] haha

  • o rly?

    “Justin squealed excitedly”

    lmao lmao lmao. o ok. lmao

  • Anonymous

    that’s so overrated..im mean phuleaze..

  • not fair

    Good lord he is hot, so not fair.

  • joez baybie! <3

    oh wow justin iz gay!

  • Ashley

    This sounds so fake. But whatever. And why must you always use this disturbing picture oceanup?! lmao.

  • Anonymous

    nice package ;)

  • kaley

    Justin squealed excitedly
    This seems sooooooooo fake. Justin doesn’t seem like the squeling type to me. His voice is too low to even make that kind of sound hahaha!

  • sillyme

    the guy he chose is jarron vossburg…

    he was craig berkowitz on cory in the house.. and he was on zoey 101!

    i go to school with him ;) lol

  • Miki

    demanding,selfish,vain much?


  • Anonymous

    that dick of his..good lord.

  • http://xanga.com/HighHeelsRedDress Crystal

    Justin squealed excitedly, ‘That’s him!’


    so he`s gay ?

  • nicoleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    all sockkssss anit reall

  • anonymous

    Lucky,lucky Miley. He could definitely make you forget about an ex boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    Damned. He is hot. But i have mixed feelings about the whole juiley thing. Its not my bizo-fo-sizzo tho. Bahaha. I just watched snoop d-o- dbl g. Oh wait, he changed it again.. Anyways, but im not sure i like justin.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    Seems gay.

  • Izabella

    Justin is soo hot!! :D ?
    I think that if Justin makes Miley happy, then I’m happy for her!!
    and I didn’t see anyone calling Joe a pedophile or something like that when there was rumors about him and Demi!! I mean, it’s pretty much the same age difference!!

    “Justin squealed excitedly”
    LMAO :D ?

  • Anonymous

    hes so fucking hott miley is lucky. ps yep he does have a nice package lmao way better then little virgin boy nick

  • Anonymous

    thats one package i wouldnt mind dropping off

  • Anonymous

    …in my mouth

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    demi’s not a slut tho…… just saying!!!!!! on a slut scale demi’s like a 1 outta 10. miley’s……. idk, 6 or 7.

    demi seems like she doesn’t want as much attention as miley…. and if she was dating Joe, she wouldn’t be flaunting it like miley is. “my 20 year old friend, he’s so awesome and sweet and funny” YAKIMA.

    justin squealed….. GAY much? :p

  • Anonymous

    yea because that was just a rumor. they were costars they werent dating

  • Anonymous

    baha hes a freak.
    a hotttt freak.
    but a freak nontheless.
    although this sounds completely fake, lmao.
    this gave me a good laugh.
    “Justin squealed excitedly. ‘Thats him!”
    i can just imagine him jumping up and down clapping his hands and yelling that with a high pitched voice.

  • dd

    lol hes cool

  • dee

    God shes so lucky.. This seems kind of weird but whatever? Hopefully shes fucking him because if not I will

  • anonymously

    i think miley father like justin he always around him and he says he has a great heart. miley mother also seems to like him because she always smile when they are together which means he really nice if not they would not let him inside their home. i mean miley is 16 and her mother is very strict with her i doubt her mother would let him inside the house without their parents approval.miley always says that his father needs to like the guy he date or she would not go out with him. she said on ellen show she has three best friend and two of them are her mom tish and her father so i doubt she said something bad about him they get along great. miley parents like him because he really nice and well manner.i dont think he screech like a girl the story is fake about that maybe miley asked him b/she dating him you know we ask our boyfriend opinion all the time we are teenagers hello.i think that miley should had put justin on her video.nick put his girlfriend on his video miley should had done the samething. nick was way more obvios about selena and him he put her on his video as his love interest i thouhgt he like things private yeah right.he just wanted miley to get really mad at least miley is putting an actor.

  • Anonymous

    its JILEY not Juiley

  • Anonymous

    Demi use to be the biggest SLUT ever back in texas i went to her school and she was all over guys in her tanktop mid tummy showing and low rise jeans with her thoong hanging out
    i felt bad for the girl.

  • Anonymous

    demi’s not a slut tho…… just saying!!!!!! on a slut scale demi’s like a 1 outta 10. miley’s……. idk, 6 or 7.

    demi seems like she doesn’t want as much attention as miley…. and if she was dating Joe, she wouldn’t be flaunting it like miley is. “my 20 year old friend, he’s so awesome and sweet and funny” YAKIMA.

    justin squealed….. GAY much? :p
    dude you wait until all those dirty pictures are leaked that demi sent to cody when they were dating

    and miley didnt say it liek that ellen asked whats he like
    ans she said ” well hes 20,he is really nice and awsome sweet and funny and hes also a christian which i like that alot”
    she wasnt liek


    and i doubt he squilled he was probably just excited you know most interviews are stretched to a certain extent

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D

    fake articles? did you even bother to go to the post???? i got that post from a REAL site, it’s a REAL article. and i was just cruising on that site when i saw that. thought you miley lovers just might wanna see that. and wtf, i hate miley so i’m instantly a nazi????? WOW. i pity you.

    and be careful who you call pathetic loser… or….

    I WILL SLAP YOU!!!!!!!! :D (lol, LOVED that episode of South Park!!!!!! haha lmao!!!!!)

  • Anonymous

    thats funny cause billy ray is obsessed with justin and is proud he is dating miley, and billy talks about justin every second he gets so shut up with your lies and go get a life

    in other words …

  • anonymously

    omg!i have to give it to miley she is fun to watch the girl always get the best of everything. huge disney 16 party,everythings she does turn in #1 hits,great performance,writes her own songs wrote the song for the movie bolt which is great and now she found a model guy that can sing and play guitar and drums. hello! and looks hot she never bores me she is fun to watch everything she does is great am sorry but i have to give her thumbs up !he look way hotter than nick and he is 6ft tall and a big chest and muscles. he a model people, a model guy she always get better and always get the best of the best. the girl is amazing!!!!!and he took poetry and he writes his own songs and heard him sing and i love his voice. i dont know why he hasnt gotten a label to represent him i do think he should sing pop rock better than country but the guy is sexy!
    nick can stay with selena they both have baby faces they look kind of like brother and sister to be honest which is kind of weird.
    oh well at least she happy and they seem to have great chemistry together her father said they are already singing and writting songs together i cant wait for him to sing with miley i hope they do a duet of a love song. man he looks hot!!!

  • Anonymous

    he is so sexy god im jealous of miley nd if i were her id fuck him everynite 69 doggy style etc. milet take back saving till marriage
    b/c just lookin at him my ring would drop he has a big package closer pick plz of his down part lolsxz

  • TeenageTrainwreck:D


    Thanks to her ”Hannah Montana” bonanza, Miley Cyrus has jillions of young fans, but we keep hearing the teen sensation’s diva behavior is often now in high gear.

    Maybe it’s because she was under the weather with a bit of a flu bug at the Hollywood premiere for her new ”Bolt” film, co-starring John Travolta, but sources backstage say Cyrus ”was really ugly” when talking about her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

    Seems the young superstar is getting pressure from her dad to stop her relationship with ex-underwear model Justin Gaston — concerned about his 16-year-old dating the 20-year-old singer.

    ”Miley is totally smitten by the guy and thinks her father is a total jerk because he doesn’t want her to date Justin. … Billy Ray, and a lot of other people close to Miley, think the guy is a total leech … using Miley just to get ahead.”

    All that talk really gets to Miley, who was heard saying her father better “get out of my business or else!”

    okay, these are my thoughts now. above was just the story.

    what a teenage bitch. and i agree with the peeps who are calling him a leech. i’m glad SOME people still have a brain!!!! :D

  • selena

    wow,that thing is hanging out of his underwear,ew! don’t ever use this picture oceanup

  • q


  • mel

    he’s so hot $*@#$(#@. i love him and miley. in 2 years, no body will even care about the age difference. people just make such a big deal now, because they’re pissed they can’t have him.

  • Jane

    that is so stupid and self-centered of him. i barely know him but already can’t stand him!

    plus his body isn’t even that nice

  • Anonymous

    nice package ;)

    It’s fake. Miley will find out when she pulls down his pants and all she sees is a little two-incher.

  • Laura H

    I have been scarred for life by that picture!

  • Anonymous

    when i saw the pics i actually thought the guy
    was justin, and he aint lookign so bad ‘down there’

  • miley

    jealous much people? i suck that EVERY night. 69 alll the time ;)

  • Anonymous

    And I quote: Justin squealed excitedly, ‘That’s him!’

    If you replace Justin with Miley, it stills sounds right. Lol, girly.

    PS: Justin Gaston is love. :] Miley is a lucky biznitchh!

  • verO.

    SMALL package.
    i kidd i kidd.

    damn miley, you might wanna take back your “Saving yourself for mariage thing”?

    cus after looking at his package, that’d be a smart idea ;)


  • Anonymous

    haha gay much?

  • Emz

    Justin squealed excitedly, ‘That’s him!’ when he saw the model he liked the most.
    Squealed? What the heck , is he like metro?
    >:Z Talk about vanity, sheesh.