Meaghan Jet 10 Things I Hate About U

Camp Rock-er Meaghan Jette Martin has joined the cast of ABC Family high school comedy pilot ‘10 Things I Hate About You.‘ The film is an adaptation of the 1999 feature that in turn was based on William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The cast includes: Ethan Peck [Grandson of Gregory Peck], Lindsey Shaw, Kyle Kaplan and Nicholas Braun. The story revolves around two sisters, strong-willed feminist Kat [Shaw] and social butterfly Bianca [Martin] facing the challenges of starting at a new high school.

Braun will play Cameron, who is smitten with Bianca. Peck will play the dark and mysterious Patrick, a student who intrigues and bothers Kat from a distance.

  • dee

    Dude 10 Things I hate About You is the greatest movie EVER

  • silly joseph, socks are for feet!

    she’s alright…
    but omg.
    lindsey shaw.
    jennifer mosely.
    ned’s declassified.

  • cyn

    i love the movie, why are they going to ruin it with a show??!?

  • Anonymous

    lol she is a really good actress though
    and i think her and nick should go out :)

  • melissa


    i love the original of that movie.
    with heath ledger.

  • Maddie

    awesome! i love that movie, i just hope they don’t completely butcher it… i can see meaghan playing bianca though.

  • Lauren

    Terrible idea!
    Don’t mess with Heathus!

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t ruin the movie. I hate remakes, and a good film like 10 Things I Hate About You should NOT have a remake.


  • Anonymous

    NEVER replace the original


  • dfdsfsdfdsf

    no no NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • selina

    i really like the song “too cool”
    by Meaghan.

  • Alexis

    Hmmmm, I like Meaghan Martin well enough, but ’10 Things I Hate About You’ was an awesome movie and I don’t really think It would be a good TV series

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    WHAT your kidding me…this is some kinda sick joke..I remeber watching this when I was like 7 and falling in love with Heath Ledger.Its one of my favorite films of all times she is gunna ruin it and Im gunna be forced to send her hate mail for the rest of her life LOL

  • Anonymous

    failfailfail. WHY are they remaking 10 things I hate about you? WHY?! It’s a great movie, why ruin it with a remake? god.

  • Alex

    NO!!!! YOU CAN NOT RE-DO A HEATH LEDGER MASTER PIECE… This movie is great the way it is, and does not need to be redone.

  • Anonymous

    ethan peck went to my school. weird.

  • Anonymous

    why are they remaking it? it just makes me remember that heath ledger is dead. and that makes me FUCKING DEPRESSED!!!! I HATE YOU, ABC!!!

  • anon

    EXACTLY that movie is already beyond perfect
    heath ledger <3

  • grace

    they shouldnt redo the movie. it was perfect the way it was with heath ledger and julia stiles.

  • Anonymous


    she’s an amazing actress and so sweet and down-to-earth

    she’s even better than ashley tisdale playing a mean girl

  • kayla

    you can NOT remake this movie! its a classic and meaghan is a crappy actress!

  • Rawr, Its Emily

    omg i love nick how amazing does he just look there omgggg ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, I love Nick J as much as the next person..
    But.. Wtf does he have to do with this post?


    She’s so pretty!
    and she makes a good bitch too.
    on Camp Rock, that is.

  • Anonymous

    baha i always wondered if they would look cute together.
    and i have to say that picture is freakin adorable.
    mkk sorry off topic. lol.
    just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, the movie was perfect the way it was. they shouldnt redo it.

    R.I.P heath ledger <3

  • Faye

    o.O Her and Nick look cute. JUST A THOUGHT. < .< But Nelena still rocks. :D Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez.. Haha that’d be cute. X)

  • Izzy

    cool, shes a good actress….
    lmfao yeah right xD

  • Rawr, Its Emily

    Yayy for her(:

  • jh

    omg i love nick how amazing does he just look there omgggg ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    NO!!! That movie was perfect the way it was. :[

  • manda

    :[ but the movie was so good! why ruin it?

  • leslie

    Nobody on Camp Rock was a good actor.
    Except for Alyson Stoner.

  • lindsey

    omg i love nick how amazing does he just look there omgggg ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ew. Get off his nuts.

  • angela

    nooooooo! don’t ruin an awesome movie! gregory peck ain’t got nothing on heath ledger.

    i do have to say, meaghan would play a pretty good bianca. but not as good as alex mac or whatever her real name was.

  • Anonymous

    it should be 7 things…
    LOL im a dork. bye.

  • olivia

    i’m sorry, she seems really sweet and all and this is gonna sound horrible, but.. her acting makes me want to cry. ahaha, like it’s unbearable to watch :| i don’t know why she was cast in camp rock in the first place..

  • Anonymous

    make it 7things and have it as a theme song . HAHAHA =D=D

  • Ruchi96

    in that pic, nick and meaghan look cute together

  • Vanessa

    they are not redoing the movie STUPID!
    its a series!

  • tsfh

    omg i love nick how amazing does he just look there omgggg ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ew. Get off his nuts.



  • Carol

    You guys probably haven’t seen her in anything besides Camp Rock. There has to be a reason why she’s booking so many things lately, oh yeah, because she’s probably a good actress.
    Please don’t judge her off of one so-so disney channel movie.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! TAMING OF THE SHREW WAS MY FAVORITE BOOK WE READ IN ENGLISH LAST YEAR!!! She’s NOT a Bianca by the way but whatever =] She’s cool. Awww Heath Ledger was in that movie ='[

  • TeamDemi

    i love that pic of her and nick.

  • c

    but why mess with a good thing?
    that movie was awesome. i’m 99% sure that i won’t watch this. maaaaaybe the pilot, but that’s stretching it. honestly, i hope this thing doesn’t get off the ground. it was a fantastic movie, but leave it as it is.
    i don’t think it could be played better, if they were to do it now.

  • LLLLLi

    Meaghan is absoulty amaziing;)

    I doont know what you guys are talking about.

  • Anonymous


    i went on that n its so stupid its like everything demi does has 2 do with joe or the other way around

  • Sara

    OMG. I love that movie! :D Well, the 1999 one. :) It was funny. :D

  • Anabel

    I love how there was recently a Joe Jonas post and Nick is conveniently in that picture lol.

  • Anonymous

    i like her :)
    she’s a sweetie pie.

  • Nicole

    That REALLY sucks. The show will ruin it.

  • michelle.

    this is destined to be an epic fail.
    you can practically taste it.

    the others are decent actors, (sorry meaghan) but it’s just…no. fail.


  • yout


    i went on that n its so stupid its like everything demi does has 2 do with joe or the other way around

    duh i went there and it was called jemistry for a reason!
    It’s supposed to only be about Joe and Demi!